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Viktoria Nord: A Multifaceted Icon Bridging Medicine and Pageantry

Viktoria Nord: A Multifaceted Icon Bridging Medicine and Pageantry
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In an exclusive interview with “Celebrity News Magazine,” Viktoria Nord, Mrs. Sweden for Mrs. World 2023, shares her inspiring journey. At 42, she’s not just a beauty queen; she’s a multifaceted icon – a doctor, a mother, a social media influencer, and an aspiring actress. Here’s her story in her own words.

Celebrity News: Viktoria, could you tell us about your background and journey to Mrs. World?

Viktoria Nord: I’m a Doctor of Medicine with over a decade of experience in Sweden and Norway. Beyond medicine, I’m a ballroom dancer, a YouTuber with a substantial following, and I’ve dabbled in fashion and commercial modeling. My aspiration now is to break into acting. This year, aCNer two attempts, I was selected to represent Sweden in Mrs. World. It’s been a journey of commitment, social media savvy, and clear messaging.

CN: What drives your diverse pursuits, especially in pageantry?

VN: My background in medicine has given me leadership skills, stability, and the freedom to explore creatively. Competing in Mrs. World was a natural extension of my desire to shape and present myself to the world. I’ve networked, collaborated with designers, and sought advice from pageant mentors. This process is more than just about appearance; it’s about having a genuine passion and a strong, natural platform.

CN: Can you share more about your work with refugees and your linguistic skills?

VN: I’ve worked extensively with refugees in Sweden, a cause close to my heart due to my own social background. My mom is Ukrainian, my dad Russian, and I’ve lived in Sweden, Norway and North Africa. I went to Pakistani school, so I speak multiple languages, including Swedish, Norwegian, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and a bit of Arabic. This multicultural exposure helps me understand various worldviews and be more compassionate.

CN: How have your experiences shaped your views on education and women’s empowerment?

VN: Growing up in Subsaharan North Africa and attending a girls’ school, I realized the importance of education for respect and success. My journey from immigrant to doctor is a testament to education’s power. I believe education unlocks knowledge, empowering women to make informed decisions and move confidently through life.

CN: What does being a beautiful woman mean to you?

VN: Beauty transcends physical attractiveness. It’s about understanding the influence you wield and handling it responsibly. A truly beautiful person improves every situation and person they encounter.

CN: What are your goals as Mrs. World?

VN: I aim to visit at least one country on each continent to promote education and cultural diversity. My experiences living in various countries enable me to relate to different mentalities and lifestyles. Additionally, as an ER doctor, I want to address the opioid epidemic. Winning Mrs. World as a medical doctor would defy stereotypes and elevate the pageant’s reach.

CN: What message do you hope to convey through your platform?

VN: I want to be a vessel for peace and hope in these tumultuous times. My goal is to connect and educate people, leveraging my experiences and platform to make a tangible impact.

CN: Finally, how can people support your journey?

VN: Every gesture of support, be it through social media engagement or personal outreach, is valuable. Together, we can take steps towards a more enlightened, empowered world.

Viktoria’s story is a powerful reminder of how education, diversity, and determination can shape a life dedicated to empowerment and positive change. Her journey from the ER to the pageant stage represents a unique blend of beauty, brains, and a heartfelt mission to make the world a better place.

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