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Interview with Lera Nikitina, Founder & CEO of EXTEASY lingerie

Lera Nikitina EXTEASY Lingerie Founder CEO Interview
Photo Courtesy: Lera Nikitina

By: Alva Ree

“How do I get brand recognition, invitation to the best industry events, and be accepted to the most private clubs in NYC for a young entrepreneur?” 

In the ever-evolving fashion landscape, brands constantly redefine themselves to stay ahead of the curve. One such brand that has recently transformed is EXTEASY, formerly known as (EX)TEASY. With a new name, a fresh vision, and exciting developments on the horizon, exteasy is poised to reach new heights in the industry. We sat down with Lera Nikitina, the brand founder, to discuss the brand’s evolution and what lies ahead.

Interviewer: Lera, thanks for joining us. Let’s dive into your rapid success. From the NYFW show to the Met Gala afterparty, what’s your secret?

Lera Nikitina: My journey started in Ukraine, where I worked in marketing for emerging brands. I then pursued my passion by studying Fashion Business at FIT NYC and Fashion Law at Fordham Law School. So, it wasn’t an overnight success; it took years of hard work and education.

Interviewer: I’ve heard about (ex)teasy’s re-branding. Can you share any details?

Lera Nikitina: We’re undergoing a strategic rebrand to inject new energy into our identity. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal much now, but we’ll share more soon.

Interviewer: Exciting! What’s the inspiration behind the new direction?

Lera Nikitina EXTEASY Lingerie Founder CEO Interview_2

Photo Courtesy: Lera Nikitina

Lera Nikitina: Unfortunately, I can not reveal all information now, but we will share more details soon, but, the decision to rebrand (ex)teasy and quit of – Valeria, former creative-director and designer,  was a strategic move aimed at refreshing our brand identity and injecting new energy into our identity. We felt it was time for a change and wanted to take EXTEASY to a new level of creativity and innovation. 

Interviewer: It sounds like an exciting time for the brand. Can you share insights into the inspiration behind the new direction for EXTEASY and the most important question? Who will be the new EXTEASY creative director? 

Lera Nikitina: Absolutely. Our new direction draws inspiration from various sources, including NYC vibe, a more sophisticated and cohesive vision, and contemporary culture. We want EXTEASY to be synonymous with effortless elegance and timeless sophistication. 

I wish to share the name of the new creative director- but for now, it’s confidential information, as we prefer to show the result – not words. But no doubt – we will expose the identity very soon. 

Interviewer: Does it mean the whole team working with the brand will be changed? 

Lera Nikitina:  Absolutely not. As a CEO, one of my primary goals is to build a powerful team of professionals who stand with the brand and work hard for our shared successes. I consider myself a fortunate person who attract only best personalities and high-level industry professionals. 

I am forever grateful for everyone supporting us and creating pure magic to contribute to the brand’s success. 

Interviewer:  Please tell us more about the team? Who are they? 

Lera Nikitina:  I am lucky enough to call one of the best PR agents – Valeri Manzuik – my friend, and her Marketing & PR Agency “UFIRST Production”, definitely one of the critical factors of being able to grow brand recognition in such a short-term. Valeri is extraordinarily connected and a good friend, and this is an incredible combination. What could be better than having an opportunity to attend the best industry events with a girlfriend who will ensure that everyone in the room knows who you are and the brand values? 

Another team member is  Marina Forbatok – a celebrity stylist- an essential part of the team, who brings EXTEASY opportunities to be worn by influencers and get incredible vision and styling. 

New EXTEASY vision and aesthetics are born under the direction of our latest creative director and a very talented team of high-end professionals, whose names I, unfortunately, can not disclose yet. Still, we can’t wait to show you the results. 

Interviewer: Besides the rebranding, we’ve heard you’ve recently had some major personal milestones, including your marriage and milestone birthday celebration. How do you manage your personal life and business to stay in the balance?

Lera Nikitina: It’s been an incredibly eventful year for me. Getting married to the man I love and celebrating my 30th birthday surrounded by friends and family were genuinely unforgettable moments. These experiences have brought a newfound joy and inspiration to my work, infusing the designs with a sense of romance and celebration. I want EXTEASY to reflect the spirit of joy and confidence that I’ve found in my own life, and I believe that translates into our collections. 

Interviewer: That’s wonderful to hear. But what is the secret to finding the balance? 

Lera Nikitina: The balance has not been found. My personality is highly perfectionistic—Strategic, and result-driven. So, sleepless nights are my daily routine. 

However, currently, I do feel that with a strong team of professionals who surround me, such as: “UFIRST” PR, Marina Forbatok, A-list influencers, Pressage production, highly professional “Glam team” – with the head of Petra Dianova, and of course artistic vision and professionalism with the new creative director  – it’s a time when I genuinely able to delegate and trust my team. 

Interviewer: Lastly, can you tell us about your experience at the private party following the Met Gala 2024 hosted by Richie Akiva?

Lera Nikitina: Attending the private party following the Met Gala was surreal. It was an honor to be surrounded by incredible talent and creativity, and the energy of the evening was inspiring. The highlight was connecting with fellow designers and industry insiders, exchanging ideas, and celebrating the power of fashion to unite people. Being part of the Met Gala is a dream for anyone in fashion, and I’m grateful to Valeriia Manzuik and her PR strategy for making it possible.

Interviewer: Lera, you’ve achieved a lot in a short time. How do you do it?

Lera Nikitina: Thank you. I just try to stay positive and share my energy with others. My husband is my main mentor, and I’m lucky to have supportive friends and industry professionals around me. Stay tuned for more!

Interviewer: Thanks, Lera. We look forward to seeing EXTEASY’s future under your leadership.

Lera Nikitina: Thank you for having me. It’s an exciting time for EXTEASY, and I can’t wait to share our new vision with the world and build a solid in-house team that has the same values, such as understanding of the value of support, high professionalism, and, of course, love for what they are doing and creating.


Published by: Martin De Juan

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