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Def Leppard Drummer Rick Allen On Florida Attack

Drummer and member of Def Leppard broke his silence on an incident that happened two months before then. Rick Allen on the Florida attack described the experience as shocking but also pleaded with well-wishers to keep calm.

Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen talked about the incident two months after he was attacked in Florida, drawing comparisons to the catastrophic accident that destroyed his left arm when he was 21 in the 1980s.

The Thunder God, a British rock star, Rick Allen on Florida attack while appearing on “Good Morning America” claimed to have been “totally blindsided.”

After a concert earlier this year, Rick Allen claimed he was attacked outside a hotel in Florida surprised.

The Def Leppard drummer, 59, told ABC’s Good Morning America in an interview, “I heard a couple of steps, then I just saw this (flash), and the next thing I knew, I was on the ground.”

“I hit my head on the pavement after landing on my backside.” Said Rick Allen on the Florida attack.

On March 13, Allen on Florida attack in his report said he was attacked while having a cigarette outside a hotel in Fort Lauderdale where Def Leppard was scheduled to perform at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

According to court documents, police detained Max Hartley, a 19-year-old from Avon, Ohio, who has pleaded not guilty to two charges of violence and four counts of criminal mischief.

Police stated that they have not yet established a motive while Rick Allen on Florida attack attributed the occurrence to ignorance.

Rick Allen on Florida attack remarked, “I don’t think he knew who I was, but he must have seen that I wasn’t a threat because, you know, I’ve only got one arm.” Allen who had his left arm amputated in a car accident in 1984 has taken a light approach to his Florida attack. In addition to trusting the authorities to do their jobs, he has sued for calm from his fans worldwide. 

The police report claims that Hartley was hidden behind a pillar outside the hotel when he reportedly ran at Rick Allen and knocked him to the ground.

A woman who attempted to assist Allen and was allegedly attacked by him remained unharmed.

Then, according to police, Hartley allegedly fled to another hotel and began smashing car windows until witnesses apprehended him and police showed there.

Hartley’s attorney, Kevin Gardiner, did not answer an email asking for comment on the matter.

Allen and his wife, Lauren Monroe, told Good Morning America that they have been concentrating on his recuperation because, during the attack, Allen’s head hit the ground.

“My heart just fell into me totally. I am aware of the trauma path. In our home, everything came to a halt and was centered on him, Monroe recalled.

2001 the pair established the Raven Drum Foundation to aid trauma survivors, particularly veterans and first responders.

Rick Allen on Florida Attack: Who is the Legendary Drummer

The legendary drummer is not just known as the “Ricky Allen on Florida attack,” as a matter of fact,   since 1978, Rick Allen (born Richard John Cyril Allen) has been a hard rock group Def Leppard member. Allen was born on November 1 1963.

He recovered from having his left arm amputated in January 1985 and carried on performing with the band as it entered its most commercially successful period. Fans refer to him as “The Thunder God.” He is listed as the seventh greatest drummer of all time by the UK website Gigwise.

On the afternoon of December 31, 1984, Allen and his then-girlfriend Miriam Barendsen were involved in a car accident on the A57 road in the rural area west of Sheffield. The car in front purposefully slowed down for Allen to catch up for several miles, then sped up as he attempted to pass.

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Frustrated, Allen finally accelerated to pass, but he lost control of the left-hand drive Corvette C4, which crashed into a dry stone wall and into a field. His left arm became entangled in the seatbelt and was severed; it was left in the car while Allen was thrown out. Doctors first reattached the arm, but an infection later required its amputation. 

At first, Allen felt “defeated,” but after encouragement from “family, friends, and hundreds of thousands of letters from all over the world,” he made the decision to carry on playing drums with Def Leppard and bought an electronic drum set that was specially made for him. 

Before their appearance at Castle Donington on August 16 as part of the Monsters of Rock event, the band had a break from live concerts until Rick Allen returned on August 5 (his first performance since losing his left arm). Depending on the situation, he has since used partially acoustic drum sets.

The Raven Drum Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded by Allen and his wife, Lauren Monroe. In order to raise money for the Raven Drum Foundation, Allen also established the One Hand Drum Company. The company mostly offers products with “Stick Rick,” an illustrated figure that stands in for Allen.

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