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Mastering the Art of Lip Augmentation: Vera Astashina’s Russian Lip Injection Technique

Mastering the Art of Lip Augmentation- Vera Astashina's Russian Lip Injection Technique
Photo Courtesy: Vera Astashina

In the dynamic world of cosmetic enhancement, the “Russian Lips” technique has emerged as a sought-after trend for those desiring a unique and sculpted lip shape. At the forefront of this innovative method is Vera Astashina, a Los Angeles-based nurse practitioner and aesthetic injector, known for her precision and artistry in lip augmentation. Vera’s approach, leveraging the Russian lip technique since 2018, has not only distinguished her practice, PrimaVera Aesthetics, but also set a new standard in aesthetic beauty.

Unlike traditional lip fillers that focus on adding horizontal volume, the Russian lip technique aims to create a distinct, doll-like cupid’s bow with added vertical volume, drawing inspiration from the iconic Russian matryoshka dolls. This method ensures a high, well-defined shape, diverging from the common practice of merely enhancing overall lip size. Astashina emphasizes the importance of precision in this technique, stating, “There are many nuances to this technique when it comes to the depth of the needle insertion and the precise distribution of filler. Even slight deviations can lead to a completely different outcome.”

Astashina also sheds light on common misconceptions regarding the naturalness of the results. Critics argue that the technique may result in an unnatural appearance, yet Vera counters this by noting how, after initial swelling and bruising subside, the lips settle into a beautifully natural state. Addressing concerns about filler migration—a common issue with traditional methods—she advises, “The easiest way to check for lip filler migration is to pucker your lips into a firm kiss. If you don’t see any wrinkles and the area around your lips looks more like a ball, then it’s time to get it dissolved.”

Beyond the Russian lip technique, PrimaVera Aesthetics offers a plethora of treatments, including Botox, laser facials, acne treatments, PDO threads, and solutions for scars and melasma, highlighting Vera’s commitment to comprehensive aesthetic care. Vera notes that Botox consistently ranks as the most sought-after treatment at her clinic, followed closely by procedures targeting skin conditions such as pigmentation and acne. This year, CO2 laser treatments have surged in popularity, standing out as a favorite among clients seeking advanced skin rejuvenation solutions.

Vera Astashina’s pioneering work with the Russian lip technique underscores a blend of innovation, artistry, and meticulous care, offering clients not just an enhancement of their physical appearance but a boost in confidence. As this method continues to gain popularity, Astashina remains at the cutting edge, embodying the essence of modern aesthetic medicine.

To learn more about Vera Astashina, follow her on Instagram or contact Primavera Aesthetics at +1 310-893-5503. You can visit her website at www.primavera.beauty

Published by: Nelly Chavez

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