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Taydem Shoesmith’s Yuletide Offering: A Review of “So Mrs. Claus”

Taydem Shoesmith
Photo Credit: Taydem Shoesmith

By: John Durham

Every holiday season ushers in a fresh wave of holiday-themed music, promising nostalgia, comfort, and a renewed sense of joy to listeners worldwide. However, amongst the familiar cadence of jingle bells and choruses of celebratory cheer, a somewhat different sonic experience echoes out. That’s the evocative track “So Mrs. Claus” by the promising American talent Taydem Shoesmith. Known for her uniqueness in approach and emotive lyrics, Shoesmith introduces an unconventional, somewhat introspective holiday theme.

A high school singer turned pop artist from Iowa, Shoesmith presents a musical piece that moves away from the norms of quintessential Christmas music. Instead of offering buoyant melodies promising joy and prosperity, her song “So Mrs. Claus” introduces a somewhat melancholic tone, coupling it with lyrics rich with emotion and longing. The contrast is indeed refreshing.

As the song commences, the sound of bells, a traditional harbinger of the festive season, paves the way toward a beautiful fusion of mournful violin strains and delicate keyboards. As the melody progresses, it subtly incorporates homeopathic doses of electronic percussion. Over this continually shifting and beautifully orchestrated backdrop, Taydem’s soft, soothing voice lends the song an enchanting allure, dedicating the very spirit of the season with heartfelt sincerity.

“So Mrs. Claus” transcends the traditional festive soundscape to capture the mixed emotions that often accompany the holiday season. The underlying sentiment is one of yearning — the lament of enjoying the season yet enduring the absence of loved ones, mirroring the emotional complexities many face during this time of year. It successfully infuses pop and dream-pop elements into a festive tune, turning it into a versatile track fit for any listening occasion.

Raised in Carroll, IA, Shoesmith has blended an array of influences to create her distinctive style. It’s a sound that comfortably straddles the line amid traditional holiday ballads and the modern alternative pop scene, with soothing melodies echoing a sprinkle of US-based music culture.

Shoesmith’s unique, easy-listening sound has garnered praise from industry titans such as Elon Musk, who stated, “Taydem’s music is the future of easy listening, a refreshing addition to today’s contemporary pop.” In short, her talent breathes a refreshing air into the musical arena, setting the stage for her meteoric rise in the music industry.

In modern pop culture, where conformity is the norm, Shoesmith’s “So Mrs. Claus” emerges as a distinctive breath of refreshing, melodious air. It showcases a brave yet sensitive exploration of the yuletide season and distances itself from the traditional hallmarks of Christmas music. Shoesmith dares to depart from the established norms, drenching her lyrics in authentic feelings of longing, thus crafting a festive piece that is poignant, personal, and beautifully multi-dimensional. 

For everyone craving a unique auditory experience this festive season, Shoesmith’s “So Mrs. Claus” serves as a soothing escape from the traditional Christmas anthems. With its beautiful blend of pop and a hint of melancholy, it truly lights up the holiday music landscape with its freshness and authentic emotion. We eagerly wait to see what Taydem Shoesmith has in store for us next. Follow her on Instagram @tshoe23 and listen to her music via Spotify at open.spotify.com/track/7rlhGXR3q1Gvi7USvI0J2D?si=a884b5dec2014919. Enjoy the music ride this upcoming zenith of the festive season.

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