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Is ‘The Idol’ Getting a Season 2?

The Idol
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Sam Levinson’s newest show, The Idol, premiered on June 4, 2023, after much anticipation and rumor around its debut date. The Idol had M-A-J-O-R star power behind it and was co-created and starred in by Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye alongside Lily-Rose Depp, Dan Levy, Hari Nef, Troye Sivan, and BLACKPINK’s Jennie.

The Idol fans are now asking questions like, “When is season 2 coming out, if at all?” because the season finale has long since passed. The season finale, like the show overall, sparked controversy in its own way after premiering earlier than anticipated. We’re here. Let’s get started.

First of all, is The Idol actually getting a season 2?

We’re sorry to break the bad news to any of Jocelyn’s “angels,” but an HBO representative informed Page Six that The Idol *will not* be returning for a second season after all.

“The Idol was one of HBO’s most provocative original programs, and we’re pleased by the strong audience response,” a representative for the network told the site. “HBO, the writers, the producers, and we have decided not to go on with a second season after much thinking and consideration. We appreciate the artists, actors, and crew for their fantastic effort.

“Audiences look for boundary-pushing content in HBO original programming, and The Idol certainly delivered on that front,” they continued. It became ingrained in the zeitgeist and was one of the most talked-about shows of the summer.

However, it wasn’t enough for the divisive show to be given the go-ahead for a second season. Since The Idol was initially advertised as a limited series, it is likely that there were no editorial plans to extend the plot past season 1’s five episodes. The program had some, um, not-so-great reviews, which is another aspect (and maybe the least encouraging) that determined whether it would be returning. HBO probably waited to decide on a season to see how audiences responded to it (and whether there were enough viewers).

The Idol currently only has a 19 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and several reviews have remarked on how hard the program tries to be shocking. A comment like this in Rolling Stone described it as “way, way worse than you’d have anticipated,” and a one like this in Vogue questioned whether it was “a misfire of high-budget misogyny.” A big yikes.

When would The Idol season 2 have come out?

We put our mathematical prowess to the test to determine when season 2 may have potentially premiered if it had been approved.

The Weeknd had to leave to perform at Coachella and launch his After Hours Til Dawn Tour, while director/executive producer Amy Seimetz quit the project owing to creative differences, which necessitated rewrites and reshoots for Season 1. Season 1 began filming way back in November 2021.

From the commencement of production until the first episode was shown, it took more than a year and a half in total. If season 2’s cast and crew had started filming soon after season 1 ended and it had followed a similar schedule, we might have been looking at a possible release date of the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. the more you understand!

The fall of The Idol

There was excitement when Sam Levinson, the brains of Euphoria, initially revealed The Idol.

The Weeknd, who also served as the show’s co-creator, plays the mysterious nightclub boss Tedros, who becomes connected with Jocelyn, a popstar played by Lily-Rose.

But as rumors of production issues and a “toxic atmosphere” on set surfaced, the anticipation soured.

At a pre-release press conference where Levinson promised reporters that The Idol will be the biggest show of the summer, the cast was compelled to defend the program.

That forecast proved to be a touch overly optimistic. When it finally debuted, the show received a largely negative reception.

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It was criticized for being “the worst program ever made,” “toe-curlingly naff,” and having vapid characters.

On the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, it has a 19% critic rating at the moment.