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(EX)TEASY Founder Lera Nikitina Unveils the “Play & Mix” Concept

(EX)TEASY Founder Lera Nikitina Unveils "Play & Mix" Concept
Photo Courtesy: (EX) TEASY press office


Interviewer: Today, we have the pleasure of sitting with the visionary founder of (EX)TEASY lingerie, Lera Nikitina. Thank you for joining us.

Lera: Thank you for having me!

Interviewer: Let’s start at the beginning. (EX)TEASY has been making waves with its innovative approach to lingerie. Could you share the inspiration behind the brand and its unique features?

Lera: Absolutely! (EX)TEASY was born out of our desire to redefine lingerie as more than just undergarments. We wanted to create a brand celebrating individuality, comfort, and self-expression. The adjustable details became a hallmark of our brand, enhancing the customer experience and fitting.

We were determined to break away from traditional norms. We believe lingerie is an art form, and it should be embraced as part of one’s outfit. It’s about making a statement, expressing confidence, and, ultimately, defining your rules.

Interviewer: The “Play & Mix” concept is intriguing. Could you shed some light on how this concept came about?

Lera: Certainly! We noticed that women were incorporating our lingerie styles into their outfits creatively. Our signature sets, particularly the EX, Love and Sandi, gained popularity beyond the private realm and started appearing in New York and Miami nightlife scenes.

This observation revealed that lingerie was becoming a symbol of empowerment, breaking free from conventions. The “Play and mix” concept was born from the idea that women should feel free to experiment with styles, mix, match, and express their unique identities.

Interviewer: The “Play & Mix” fashion show was a spectacle. Can you tell us more about the collaboration with stylist Marina Forbatok and the show’s impact?

Lera: Collaborating with Marina Forbatok was a fantastic experience. Her keen eye for style and ability to blend lingerie with high fashion elevated the fashion show to new heights.

The show served as a prelude to our upcoming collection drop, providing a sneak peek into what’s to come. It not only showcased the versatility of our lingerie but also set the stage for a new era in lingerie fashion.

Interviewer: Speaking of the upcoming collection, what can enthusiasts expect from (EX)TEASY’s new drop?

Lera: The new collection will focus on unique styles with a twist. We are introducing even more accessories while maintaining our commitment to an adjustable fit.

Additionally, we are exploring unusual lingerie garment fabrics and incorporating more creative design decisions. We want to push the boundaries and redefine lingerie as wearable art.

Interviewer: Lera, how would you describe the philosophy behind (EX)TEASY?

Lera: Our philosophy is simple but profound. We are not creating just lingerie; it’s about a lifestyle, a feeling, and a sense of identity. Your lingerie, your style, your rules!

Interviewer: It’s evident that (EX)TEASY is more than a lingerie brand; it’s a lifestyle. How do you see this lifestyle influencing the fashion landscape?

Lera: We believe the (EX)TEASY lifestyle encourages experimentation, celebrates diversity, and redefines fashion rules. We want women to feel empowered to express themselves freely and embrace their unique personalities.

The fashion landscape is evolving, and we want to be at the forefront of this cultural shift. The runway is not confined to high-end fashion shows; it extends to the streets, where women play with styles and express themselves.

Interviewer: As we eagerly await the new collection, what message do you have for (EX)TEASY enthusiasts and those looking to embrace the “Play & Mix” lifestyle?

Lera: Embrace the lifestyle! It’s about breaking free from societal norms, embracing your identity, and rewriting the rules.

(EX)TEASY Founder Lera Nikitina Unveils "Play & Mix" Concept

Photo Courtesy:
(EX) TEASY press office


Published By: Aize Perez

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