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Bill Von Fumetti Says Anyone Can Start a Legit Bookkeeping Business

Bill Von Fumetti Start a Legit Bookkeeping Business
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Years before becoming a Wall Street Journal bestselling author with features in Forbes and Business Insider, Bill Von Fumetti, CPA struggled with night terrors from the stress of being the general manager of a fitness center. The job was demanding and starting to affect his home life. 

Everything changed one day when Von Fumetti spoke with the fitness center’s bookkeeper. He found out the bookkeeper was making $3,000 monthly just on the gym’s books alone and managing several other clients. The job allowed her to work from home and gave her the freedom and flexibility to choose her clients and set her own hours. Von Fumetti was intrigued. 

The trouble was Bill Von Fumetti had no experience reviewing bookkeeping numbers, and didn’t know where to start. Von Fumetti began by researching what exactly it was that a bookkeeper did. The more he learned about it, the more the idea appealed to him. 

A few days later, at age 38, Von Fumetti started his own bookkeeping business. He could not have imagined the success it would bring him. Very quickly, Von Fumetti was bringing in over six figures in annual revenue. 

Giving Back 

Von Fumetti knew that he had discovered something that could change other people’s lives for the better. When he learned that a family friend, who was a single mother, was struggling financially, he stepped in to help. This friend had no bookkeeping experience and was starting from scratch, just as he had. However, what she did have was a strong work ethic and the determination to succeed. 

Von Fumetti walked his friend through each step he had taken on his own bookkeeping business journey, and three months later, her new business was bringing in twice as much as the salary at her 9 to 5 job. She quickly quit that job and, with bookkeeping, found more freedom and time to dedicate to her kids. 

Helping this family friend felt so rewarding to Von Fumetti. He discovered that he had a passion for helping others. He wanted to reach as many people as possible to help them liberate their own lives from stressful 9 to 5s. 

Booming Bookkeeping Business Begins

Booming Bookkeeping Business™ was started in 2018 as a mentorship program for bookkeeping entrepreneurs. With the knowledge Von Fumetti gained running his own bookkeeping business, he has designed a course to teach the most effective ways of gaining clients and everything needed to start a bookkeeping service efficiently and effectively. Von Fumetti spent years gathering this knowledge and fine-tuning the process and is excited to share it with new students. 

After six years of Booming Bookkeeping Business success, including training over 8,000 students, many of whom now earn over six figures a year, you may be surprised to know that Von Fumetti is still very much personally involved in the program. You will still find him answering student emails and holding live coaching calls. While there are 130 instructional videos included in the program, and students are offered lifetime access to these videos, Von Fumetti enjoys taking the time to walk his students through the process. 

Becoming Keyboard Rich

The book that put Von Fumetti on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list is Keyboard Rich: How Anyone Can Earn Six Figures from Home with a Simple Bookkeeping Business. And Von Fumetti really does mean anyone. He stated, “I am a firm believer that anyone who wants to take control of their financial future and is willing to review bookkeeping as an opportunity can build their dream life.” 

With a computer, a QuickBooks account (even the free version), and clear guidance from the Booming Bookkeeping Business program, students gain unlimited income potential with the freedom of working from anywhere. No advanced degrees are necessary; you do not have to be a math whiz, and you will not have to borrow thousands to start your business. 

Bill Von Fumetti has made starting your own bookkeeping business easy. Lisette Alvarez said, “For three years, I wanted to start a bookkeeping business, but I didn’t have the courage. With Bill’s step-by-step techniques as a guide, I was able to not only begin but also quickly grow to six figures in less than six months.” With Booming Bookkeeping Business, anyone can change their life for the better. 


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Published by: Martin De Juan

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