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A Star’s Ascent: Alessandra Guercio Shines at Marcy Blum’s Surprise Wedding in St. Barths

A Star's Ascent: Alessandra Guercio Shines at Marcy Blum's Surprise Wedding in St. Barths
Photo Credited to: Trevor Gale

When love is combined with talent, it creates magic. In a stunning surprise wedding orchestrated by celebrity event planner Marcy Blum and her longtime partner Destin Coleman in St. Barths, the spotlight also shone on rising star Alessandra Guercio, known as Allé. Her performance illuminated the celebration, making it an event to remember.

A Weekend-Long Celebration

Marcy Blum and Destin Coleman’s love story spans over two decades, and their decision to make it official was a momentous occasion. They chose to surprise their closest friends during a weekend-long birthday celebration on the captivating Caribbean island of St. Barths. The façade was Marcy’s birthday, but the real spectacle was the transformation of this celebration into an unforgettable wedding.

The festivities kicked off on Friday night at the elegant Le Carl Gustaf, filling the air with laughter and joy. As the night progressed, the celebration continued at La Petite Plage Saint-Barth, where Marcy, Destin, and their friends danced on tables, savoring every moment of the soirée.

An Unexpected Twist

While the weekend had already been a whirlwind of excitement, the real surprise was yet to unfold. On Saturday, the group gathered at a stunning villa, graciously offered by two of Marcy Blum’s clients for the celebration. Unbeknownst to the guests, this villa would become the backdrop for Marcy and Destin’s surprise nuptials.

As the guests gathered, they were met with a breathtaking sight – a mesmerizing floral arrangement by Liberty St. Barths framed the couple as they exchanged heartfelt, handwritten vows. Marcy was radiant in a custom ivory silk satin dress, meticulously crafted by Patricia Voto of One/Of. She carried a delicate bouquet, adding a touch of grace to her ethereal bridal look.

A Beautiful, Intimate Affair

In a world where celebrity weddings often scream grandeur, Marcy Blum and Destin Coleman chose intimacy. Their guest list consisted of their closest friends, some of whom they had known for over two decades. It was a harmonious blend of long-time and recent friends, representing diverse facets of life, all coming together to celebrate love and friendship.

Marcy Blum’s expertise was evident in every detail, from the choice of the location to the exquisite floral arrangements. Her career, spanning over 35 years, has solidified her as one of the most sought-after celebrity event planners. She has orchestrated weddings for VIP clients, including LeBron James, Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent, and Bill Gates’ daughter Jennifer Gates and Nayel Nassar.

A Star-Studded Performance by Allé

No celebrity wedding is complete without a touch of glamour and entertainment, and Marcy Blum and Destin Coleman knew this well. They enlisted the talents of Alessandra Guercio, popularly known as Allé, to perform at their wedding. Allé is a rising star and a Brooklyn pop singer, songwriter, dancer, and true performer.

Her journey in the world of entertainment began at the young age of 8 when she emerged victorious on the national TV show, “America’s Most Talented Kids.” Allé’s captivating performances on national TV shows such as “American Idol” and “The Voice” captured the hearts of fans and celebrities alike. Her talent quickly catapulted her onto the Billboard top 40 indicator charts with her hit song “Low.”

The Next Sensation: “Show Me”

Allé, known as Alessandra Guercio in the music world, is not resting on her laurels. Her latest creation, “Show Me,” is a sultry Caribbean-seasoned pop anthem destined for chart-topping success. With her powerful vocals and infectious island rhythm, the song is poised to conquer the charts. The music video for “Show Me” is currently in production in the Caribbean, promising an exhilarating visual spectacle.

Beyond her musical passions, Allé is ardently committed to giving back to the community. She devotes her time and her enchanting voice to various charitable events, including the Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park, Relay For Life, and the Futures in Education initiative. You can even book Alessandra Guercio for private events through www.troycurtisentertainment.com ensuring that her captivating voice graces your special occasions. Follow her inspiring journey on Instagram @alleguercio.

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