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Soda Phonluk: Thai Artist Punches Above with UFC Portraits

Soda Phonluk: Thai Artist Punches Above with UFC Portraits
Photo Courtesy: Seksada (Soda) Phonluk

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In digital art, where the canvas stretches far beyond traditional boundaries, Seksada “Soda” Phonluk emerges as a compelling figure. His journey into the art world began at the tender age of 8, when his fascination with colors and shapes transcended mere child’s play, evolving into a dedicated pursuit of artistic mastery. By 15, his education had laid a solid foundation in various art forms. Yet, it was not until 2020 that Soda ventured into digital art, marking a new chapter in his creative saga.

Parallel to his artistic evolution ran another thread of passion: martial arts. In 2015, Soda embraced Muay Thai as a form of physical exercise and an integral part of his life. This dual dedication to art and martial arts set him on a unique trajectory, blending the vigor of combat sports with the vivacity of digital creation.

Soda’s decision to focus his artistic talents on depicting UFC fighters and events was no mere coincidence. The confluence of his two great loves—art and martial arts—guided this choice. His works are not just visual representations; they capture the essence of combat sports through intricate details and dynamic compositions. Notably, Soda dedicates approximately eight hours to each UFC piece, ensuring that every punch thrown and every move made by fighters like Nate Diaz is immortalized with precision and flair.

Soda Phonluk: Blending Martial Arts and Artistry in Stunning UFC Portraits

Soda’s work’s authenticity stems from his involvement in martial arts. As someone who has trained rigorously in Muay Thai since 2015, competed as a fighter, and now serves both as a trainer and corner man for others embarking on their fighting journeys, he brings an insider’s perspective to his art. This depth of experience enriches his portrayals of combat sports, adding layers of meaning that resonate with those familiar with the discipline.

Recognition for Soda’s work has come from notable figures within the UFC community and beyond—fighters like Max Holloway have taken notice, along with music producers and industry influencers who see something special in his depictions. This acknowledgment has opened doors to commissions and collaborations that have expanded both his visibility and credibility within this niche intersection between art and martial arts.

Looking ahead, Soda harbors aspirations to collaborate officially with UFC or other major organizations. This goal speaks volumes about his ambition to merge his passions more closely together. Though specific upcoming projects remain under wraps, it is clear that any exhibition or showcase featuring Soda’s work will further cement his reputation as an artist whose creations are as dynamic as they are impactful.

A simple yet profound belief lies at the heart of Soda’s philosophy: “Art is not just seen; it is felt.” This sentiment encapsulates how he approaches each piece—striving not only to depict physical forms but also to convey emotions that stir the soul. Influenced by his Thai heritage, he views martial arts as a sport and cultural expression. This perspective informs every stroke of his digital brush.

Engagement with fans and followers unfolds across multiple platforms online, where Soda showcases his work on his website, connects with fellow enthusiasts Instagram (@chillimango02), shares insights at X (@phonluk), presents projects, and explores collaborations on Behance (@sodaphonluk). Through these channels, he builds an audience and a community united by shared passions for art and martial arts.

Soda Phonluk stands at a fascinating crossroads where digital art meets physical prowess. In this place, visual narratives celebrate human strength in its many forms. His story reflects more than individual achievement; it embodies the spirit of innovation that drives artists to explore uncharted territories. As he punches above weight class through each portrait rendered, Soda Phonluk continues to redefine what it means to be an artist in today’s ever-evolving landscape.


Published By: Aize Perez

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