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Roger Stone Gives Exclusive Interview About Durham Report On Vito Glazers After Dark Podcast

Image commercially licensed from https://unsplash.com/photos/black-and-yellow-box-on-brown-wooden-table-tN7QTFMFobc
Image commercially licensed from https://unsplash.com/photos/black-and-yellow-box-on-brown-wooden-table-tN7QTFMFobc

Vito Glazers After Dark is a podcast that delves deep into the minds of media personalities, influencers, creatives, and entrepreneurs, uncovering the secrets behind their remarkable success or breaking exclusive news. Hosted by Vito Glazers, an American media personality and CEO of Glazers Media, this podcast offers a unique opportunity to gain insider knowledge on the intricacies of social media, personal branding, and the ever-evolving world of digital and analog media. 

With each episode, Vito Glazers brings high-caliber guests to the forefront, inviting them to share their personal experiences and insights. These industry professionals have not only carved a niche for themselves but have also left an indelible mark on the media landscape. From Netflix stars, to social media influencers, to branding experts, and now even political insiders, each guest offers a treasure trove of tactics and strategies that listeners can apply to their own journeys. 

One such guest who graced the podcast was Roger Stone, an esteemed conservative political consultant and lobbyist. Stone’s illustrious career spanning decades includes working on the campaigns of prominent Republican politicians such as Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, and Donald Trump. His appearance on Vito Glazers After Dark provides listeners with an insider’s look on the world of politics and campaign management, as well as some behind the scenes perspectives. 

But it’s not just the guest lineup that makes Vito Glazers After Dark a must-listen podcast. Vito Glazers himself brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. As an American media entrepreneur, producer, author, actor, and international television personality, he has made his mark on various reality shows and television programs, including appearances on WE TV, Bravo, and Netflix. His multifaceted career has allowed him to gain valuable insights into news, television, film production, reputation management, public relations, and influencer and celebrity marketing. 

The success of Vito Glazers After Dark can also be attributed to its captivating episodes, which have garnered a dedicated following. Vito’s appearances on popular television shows like FOX’s Mancow’s Morning Madhouse and Bravo’s Below Deck have added to his credibility and expanded his reach. Additionally, his production credits on Hollywood Disclosure and Dream Life, both of which made it to the Emmy Awards Ballot in 2021, showcase his talent and commitment to delivering exceptional content. 

As Vito Glazers continues to host thought-provoking discussions on Vito Glazers After Dark, the podcast serves as a valuable resource for aspiring influencers, creatives, and entrepreneurs. By peeling back the curtain and uncovering the strategies and stories behind success, Vito Glazers provides his listeners with the inspiration and knowledge to navigate the ever-changing landscape of media and share their story.

To tune in and join the conversation, visit Vito Glazers After Dark’s official website at https://VitoGlazersPodcast.com or find them on popular podcast platforms. To watch the latest episode featuring Vito Glazers with Roger Stone, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQK45FJNIVQ 

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