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Renowned Fine Artist Aigerim Bektayeva Unveils the Layers of her Creative Odyssey

Renowned Fine Artist Aigerim Bektayeva Unveils the Layers of her Creative Odyssey
Photo Credit: Aigerim Bektayeva

Aigerim Bektayeva, a notable figure in the realm of fine arts, has been painting life’s canvas with a unique blend of passion and purpose. In an interview, she offers a profound insight into her artistic journey, revealing the multifaceted layers that define her creative endeavors.

Aigerim‘s relationship with art goes beyond mere self-expression. For her, art serves as a mirror reflecting the culture and history of society, a tool for research and analysis, and a therapeutic means of coping with stress and emotional strain. It transforms into a language that communicates without words, a habitat for constant self-improvement, and a medium for understanding oneself and the surrounding reality.

The inception of Aigerim’s artistic journey dates back to her teenage years when the allure of creating beauty captivated her. Recognizing her burgeoning talent, her mother made a pivotal decision to enroll her in an art school—an act that set her on a path where painting became the essence of life itself, a calling she intends to leave as a meaningful legacy.

Beyond personal creativity, Aigerim is the visionary founder and CEO of a distinguished school of fine arts. Her aspiration was to create an inclusive space in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where individuals of all ages could explore various art forms. What began as a simple idea for an art space evolved into a dream—the establishment of a specialized school offering diverse arts education.

Aigerim, a mother of four—three daughters and a son—observes a diverse array of creative talents within her family. From drawing and painting to a love for cinema and even a passion for football, her children showcase unique artistic inclinations. Aigerim’s supportive approach allows each child to explore and develop their creativity in their chosen domains.

Renowned Fine Artist Aigerim Bektayeva Unveils the Layers of her Creative Odyssey

Photo Credit: Aigerim Bektayeva

In a profession where creative crises can loom, Aigerim remains resilient. Acknowledging moments of fatigue, she emphasizes that the allure of paints and brushes quickly draws her back to the easel, dispelling any potential creative stagnation.

Providing insights into her artistic process, Aigerim shares that a typical painting takes a month or two to complete, though exceptions exist, with specific works requiring several years. Inspiration for her creations stems from the natural world, human emotions, personal experiences, and cultural events. Various art forms such as music, literature, and cinema also play a pivotal role in igniting her creativity.

Aigerim asserts that creativity often involves innate qualities, but without constant development and training, these qualities may remain untapped. She believes that the potential for creativity exists within everyone, emphasizing the role of personal efforts, interests, and incentives in its development. Creativity, for Aigerim, is a journey that evolves with learning, practice, and persistent dedication.

As 2024 unfolds, Aigerim anticipates sharing her artistic vision with the world through an upcoming exhibition of her paintings. While keeping other projects under wraps for now, there’s an undeniable air of excitement surrounding the unrevealed endeavors that promise to contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of fine arts.

In the world of Aigerim Bektayeva, art is not merely a canvas—it’s a language, a reflection of culture, and a legacy in the making. As she continues to paint life’s canvas with passion and purpose, the layers of her creativity unfold, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-expanding tapestry of fine arts.


Published By: Aize Perez

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