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“Reclaiming Her Narrative: Sumner Stroh’s “Love to Hate” Addresses Adam Levine Scandal with Strength”

In a whirlwind of controversy and fame, Sumner Stroh, the LA-based model who found herself making headlines for amassing over 26M views on her infamous viral TikTok addressing an alleged affair with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, is now reclaiming her narrative with a powerful musical statement. Her debut single, “Love to Hate,” is a daring anthem that not only addresses the scandal but also showcases Stroh’s resilience, strength, and unwavering self-expression.

The story began when Stroh’s alleged affair with the renowned singer made waves on TikTok. Instead of succumbing to the narrative created by others, Stroh chose to embrace her truth and take control of her own story. With a determination that radiates through her music, she made the decision to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter, using her debut single to speak her mind and reclaim her power.

“Love to Hate” serves as Sumner’s artistic response to the demonization of her that resulted from the Adam Levine scandal. Co-written by the talented GRAMMY-nominated songwriter Rachel West, the song carries an outspoken air of defiance and liberation. Its lyrics, infused with catchy hooks and a captivating melody, offer an unapologetic exploration of Sumner’s experiences and emotions during and after the affair.

Sumner Stroh’s musical journey ventures beyond just addressing the scandal; it is an anthem of self-love against all odds. Through the empowering verses of “Love to Hate,” she encourages listeners to rise above the constraints imposed by society and embrace their true selves fearlessly. The song embodies a message of authenticity and the refusal to be defined by the actions or judgments of others.

Sumner shares, “I was all over TMZ, honestly every news source there is, I got so many hate comments, and after facing this mass scale of ridicule and shaming I reached the lowest point of my life. Finally, I channeled everything I felt and wrote a song about it. The main point is  that no matter what they say, they can’t make me hate myself.” 

While the controversy surrounding her alleged affair with Adam Levine catapulted Sumner Stroh into the spotlight, it is her unwavering spirit that shines through in her music. “Love to Hate” stands not only as a response to the scandal but also as a testament to her growth, creativity, and refusal to be silenced.

She states, “There are real double standards for women in this society. I think that’s the reason why I face ridicule and labeling. People are so quick to judge and hate without knowing someone or their situation. It’s disappointing to see people go to such lengths to villainize women by painting a false narrative and connecting dots that don’t exist. It’s important to remain authentic, that’s how change is made.”

Sumner Stroh’s debut single is a bold step forward, marking her emergence as a rising star in the music industry. It is an embodiment of her journey of self-discovery, demonstrating her ability to channel her experiences into a powerful piece of art that resonates with audiences. 

Sumner Stroh

As Sumner reclaims her narrative, it serves as a reminder that through creativity and speaking out with honesty and passion, individuals can overcome challenges and triumphantly forge their own paths. 

“I want to be an artist that drives change for the better, to lead a purpose-driven life – I am moving forward yet remain an outspoken presence and inspire others to do the same. There’s nothing I love more than seeing a strong woman with bad b*tch energy.”

With “Love to Hate,” Sumner Stroh stands tall, using her voice to inspire others to embrace their truths, rise above adversity, and create their own narratives. As her musical journey unfolds, it’s clear that she is more than just a headline; she is a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

So keep an eye out for Sumner Stroh as she continues to captivate audiences and defy expectations with her fearless approach to music and artistry.

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