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Neil Gaiman Among Those Joining NBC Universal Writers’ Strikes

In a sudden turn of events, the Writers Guild of America (WGA) has called for a strike, leaving many television productions in limbo. 

This has resulted in many writers and showrunners taking to the streets in protest, including the likes of Neil Gaiman and others who were seen at the NBCUniversal Upfronts in New York.

Writers on Strike

The strike comes as a result of the WGA’s ongoing negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) over better pay, working conditions, and healthcare benefits. The AMPTP has been accused of refusing to negotiate in good faith, leading to the strike.

Many television shows have already been affected by the strike, with some being forced to shut down production altogether. This has resulted in many actors and crew members being left without work, putting their livelihoods at risk. The strike has also caused a ripple effect throughout the entertainment industry, with networks and studios struggling to find alternative programming.

Neil Gaiman, Dave Foley Join the Picket Line

Neil Gaiman, who is a writer and executive producer on the hit series ‘American Gods’, ‘Good Omens,’ and ‘Sandman’ was seen at the NBCUniversal Upfronts in New York, where he spoke out in support of the strike. In an interview, he pointed out that mini-rooms are producing “a generation of writers who are not on set, who don’t know how to make TV,” adding, “Fundamentally, it’s a flawed system and we’ll need to fix it.”

Dave Foley, a The Kids in the Hall alumnus who joined FX’s black-humored crime drama Fargo for its fifth season, agreed. “It’s incredibly shortsighted, as Neil had said, to structure the business in a way that nobody learns the business,” he said. “Nobody can progress from being a writer to a showrunner if they aren’t on a contract that lets them learn and so there’s not going to be another generation of great showrunners that produce things like the great work that Neil does.”

Gaiman highlighted many writers’ long hours and lack of job security and called on the AMPTP to address these issues. Other writers and showrunners at the event also supported the strike, with many calling for solidarity among their peers. The WGA has called on all its members to stand together during this difficult time and not to cross the picket line.

The strike has also sparked a debate about the future of the entertainment industry, with many questioning whether the traditional studio model is still viable in today’s digital age. Some have suggested that the rise of streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon has made it harder for writers to negotiate fair deals, as the traditional networks are no longer the only game in town.

The Future of Television and Film

Despite the uncertainty and disruption caused by the strike, many writers and showrunners remain optimistic about the future. They see it as an opportunity to stand up for their rights and demand better treatment from the industry. 

The WGA has yet to announce how long the strike will last, but it has made it clear that it will only back down once its demands are met. In the meantime, the entertainment industry is left to ponder the consequences of this strike and what it means for the future of television and film.

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