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Nae Sketchie is a Notable Presence in New York’s Latin and Hip-Hop Hospitality Scene, with an Intriguing Origin Story and a Promising Future Ahead

Nae Sketchie
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Joel Molina, known by his Alias NaeSketchie, boasts a compelling life narrative. Born on October 22 in the vibrant setting of New York City, he is the offspring of Dominican Republic immigrant parents. His parents’ decision to relocate to New York City was driven by a noble pursuit—a desire to provide a better life for Joel, his siblings, and themselves. His mother, a dedicated worker, toiled in a clothing factory, laying the foundation for his future endeavors.

NaeSketchie’s formative years unfolded in the heart of the Bronx, specifically within the neighborhoods of Fordham and Valentine Ave. His multifaceted entrepreneurial journey has seen him take the helm of various brands and talent management ventures, firmly establishing his reputation as a dynamic and versatile figure.

At the forefront of his enterprises is “Sketchie Entertainment Group,” a company he founded in 2002. This distinguished organization has earned acclaim as a premier hospitality entity in New York City, celebrated for its excellence in marketing and nightlife curation.

The narrative of NaeSketchie’s ascent in the world of fashion is intrinsically tied to his unique journey. In 2004, while juggling multiple jobs, his passion for fashion ignited during his tenure as a sales associate at Dr. Jays, a renowned streetwear clothing store in New York City. Here, he began designing custom spray-painted t-shirts and sneakers, channeling his creativity to boost his income. His relentless pursuit of excellence propelled him into the realm of entertainment.

An innovative approach took shape when a friend suggested hosting house parties—an idea that NaeSketchie embraced wholeheartedly. This journey led him to organize gatherings, where he introduced a cover charge to diversify revenue streams and cover event expenses. His lavish parties swiftly gained notoriety, attracting some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment industry, from Cardi B to Fat Joe, French Montana, Puff Daddy, and DRAKE among many others. His impact extended beyond the music scene, as he brought hip-hop and radio DJs to the Uptown community, broadening its cultural horizons.

Beyond his flourishing nightlife ventures, NaeSketchie has demonstrated substantial achievements within the music industry. His involvement with the talented artist Angelica Vila under the banner of “Sketchie Entertainment Group” bears testimony to his engagement in the music realm. For a significant period, he managed Angelica Vila, a noteworthy artist known for her collaboration with Fat Joe and her venture with Roc Nation, although the current status of this partnership remains unconfirmed.

NaeSketchie’s relentless pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence extends beyond music, as he has diversified his interests into the realm of fashion through “MAZCO Original.” This exclusive luxury clothing line is a manifestation of his unwavering commitment to delivering quality and style, while simultaneously empowering communities. MAZCO Original aspires to inspire individuals to both look and feel their best, encapsulating the essence of high fashion and instilling confidence and empowerment in its wearers.

NaeSketchie’s journey exemplifies the spirit of evolution and self-challenge. His commitment to fostering excellence and making luxury accessible to a broader audience through MAZCO Original is a testament to his enduring dedication to his community and the world. As he continues to expand MAZCO’s presence, he remains steadfast in his mission to bring the brand to as many people as possible.

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