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JUNNY has announced his ‘blanc EU TOUR 2023’ which is scheduled to take place across Europe during March and April.

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JUNNY, a multi-talented musician, has announced his ‘blanc EU TOUR 2023’, following his successful North American tour in September 2022 and February 2023.

The tour is scheduled to take place across Western and Northern Europe, covering 13 cities from March 12 to April 3. The tour schedule, which includes cities such as London, Manchester, Oslo, and Paris, has been released and is expected to draw a large audience.

March 12: London @Lafayette

March 14: Manchester @Club Academy

March 16: Dublin @The Academy

March 19: Copenhagen @Pumpehust

March 20: Oslo @Vulkan Arena

March 21: Stockholm @Fryshuset Klubben

March 23: Vienna @Sgene Wien

March 25: Berlin @Hole44

March 27: Amsterdam @Melkweg

March 28: Brussels @La Madeleine

March 31: Milan @Santeria Toscana

April 1: Zurich @Mascotte

April 3: Paris @La Bellevilloise

Despite not having made an official debut, JUNNY has made a significant impact in the Korean music scene through his collaborations with famous artists such as IU and KAI from EXO within two years of arriving in Korea. JUNNY’s versatility as a singer, composer, and lyricist continues to grow, and his upcoming European tour is an opportunity for him to showcase his unique musicality to his fans worldwide.

For more information on ticketing for the “blanc EU TOUR 2023,” interested parties can visit unboundentertainmentgroup.com and modo-live.com. Furthermore, JUNNY has several other projects in the pipeline, indicating that he will remain active in the coming months.

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