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Greek Beauty Icon Corinna Tsopei Fields Celebrates Milestone with Charitable Calendar Shoot

Greek Beauty Icon Corinna Tsopei Fields Celebrates Milestone with Charitable Calendar Shoot
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Exuding beauty and philanthropy, Mrs. Corinna Tsopei Fields, Greece’s first and only Miss Universe titleholder, is preparing to mark her 80th year in 2024. To commemorate this significant occasion, Tsopei Fields has chosen to return to Athens, her birthplace, for a distinctive calendar photoshoot in October. The executive producers for this special endeavor are her dear friends: Greek American entrepreneur Mr. Louis Apostolou and the renowned Greek American producer and business advisor, Mr. Francesco Vitali. A profound gesture of her ongoing commitment to philanthropy, all calendar proceeds will be channeled to the esteemed organization, “SHARE For Children”.

The year 1964 was transformative for Greece when Corinna Tsopei Fields emerged as the first Greek woman to claim the Miss Universe crown. Corinna remains still the only Greek Miss Universe. Her victory wasn’t merely a personal achievement; it elevated Greek pride on a global stage. This victory set the stage for future Greek contenders, imprinting a legacy on Greek pageantry.

However, Tsopei Fields’ legacy isn’t limited to her beauty accolades. She’s well-known for her philanthropy, dedicating much of her life to benevolent causes, particularly those championing children. Holding the esteemed position of President in the known organization, her consistent efforts to better the lives of disadvantaged children have garnered her widespread respect.

Now, as she approaches the remarkable age of 80, Tsopei Fields wishes to blend her enduring allure with her philanthropic spirit. Entrusting the art direction to the acclaimed Greek Stylist to the Stars, Mr. Trifonas Samaras, and to Mr. PR Guru Haris Sianidis and his company Beautiful People. The calendar promises to encapsulate her timeless grace against the mesmerizing backdrops of Athens. Each page will be more than just a visual treat; it aims to signify a promise of hope for many children.

“SHARE For Children”, the chosen beneficiary of the calendar’s sales, mirrors Tsopei Fields’ deep-rooted commitment to ameliorate the lives of the less fortunate. The funds will be strategically utilized to provide education, healthcare, and essential life resources for these children, granting them a chance at a brighter future.

Mrs. Tsopei Fields’ golden year celebration is more than a personal festivity. By intertwining her birthday with a charitable initiative, she underscores a powerful message about the essence of beauty—it extends beyond physical attributes, rooted deeply in actions that uplift and support. Through this venture, she envisions igniting a ripple effect of kindness and benevolence.

Mr. Louis Apostolou, her long-time friend and philanthropist, encapsulated the mission succinctly, “Everything for Corinna and everything for the children of SHARE.”

Corinna Tsopei Fields reflects beauty in its truest sense—a harmonious blend of external allure and a heart replete with kindness. Through her 80th birthday initiative, she not only presents a captivating visual journey but also offers the profound impacts of charitable endeavors. Her story and actions are reminders that beauty when paired with purpose can create ripples of positive change.

Greek Beauty Icon Corinna Tsopei Fields Celebrates Milestone with Charitable Calendar Shoot

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