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Exploring the Laughter and Local Talent of “Union”: A Sitcom Set in the Heart of Washington, D.C.

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In an era of digital entertainment where streaming platforms dominate the landscape, a new and exciting addition has emerged to showcase the creative prowess of Washington, D.C. The Office of Cable Television, Film, Music, and Entertainment (OCTFME) has announced the premiere pilot of the original scripted series “Union.” This delightful blend of comedy and local talent is now available for streaming exclusively on the District of Columbia Entertainment (DCE) platform, offering global audiences a front-row seat to a uniquely captivating production.

“Union” doesn’t just mark the birth of a sitcom; it reflects a burgeoning entertainment landscape in Washington, D.C. Nestled in the heart of Northeast Washington, the show was filmed at the iconic Union District Oyster Bar, making it one of the first sitcoms to be shot in an actual, operational bar. This choice of setting brings an authentic atmosphere to the show, further enhancing its relatability and charm.

Emmy-award-winning actor and comedian Tommy Davidson, celebrated for his roles in “Proud Family” and “In Living Color,” leads the cast of “Union.” His comedic brilliance and infectious energy promise to infuse the series with laughter and charisma. Joining him is a seasoned ensemble, including veteran actor Ernest Thomas, fondly known as Roger “Raj” in the classic sitcom “What’s Happening!!,” and “Everybody Hates Chris.” Talented actress and singer Shar Jackson, renowned for her portrayal of “Niecy” in the popular sitcom “Moesha,” adds her charm to the mix. Adding an unexpected twist, two-time pro bowler and Super Bowl champion Vernon Davis, a former player for the San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, and Washington Commanders, is also a star player within the “Union” ensemble cast.

Beyond its star-studded cast, “Union” showcases Washington, D.C.’s prowess in content creation. LaToya Foster, OCTFME Director, proudly states, “Union stands as a testament to Washington, DC solidifying its position as a prime destination for original content production.” The involvement of seasoned actors, athletes, and award-winning producers reveals the city’s magnetic pull for creative minds.

Russell Webster, the visionary creator and CEO of Union District Films, orchestrated the project, with Bruce Walker, OCTFME Associate Director of Television and Entertainment, joining as co-executive producer. Walker emphasizes that “Union” is more than just a sitcom—it’s a celebration of human connections, shared experiences, and the power of laughter. The series provides an opportunity for D.C. creatives to collaborate with established actors, as well as experienced directors, producers, and writers.

Notably, the head writer of “Union” is none other than Bill Boulware, an award-winning producer and co-creator of hit series like “227,” “The Parkers,” and “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” His seasoned storytelling skills promise to infuse the show with depth and humor. Accompanying him is Chuck Vinson, a talented and award-winning director known for his work on iconic shows such as “The Cosby Show” and “Living Single.”

The anticipation for “Union” extends beyond its creative team and cast. Jessica Washington, Vice President of Artist and Content Development at Discovered, eagerly states, “We are very pleased to be working with the team at DCE Network, OCTFME, and the legendary actors in the cast of Union.” The show promises to be an engaging addition to Discovered’s platform, catering to a wide range of viewers.

“Union” isn’t just another sitcom—it’s a gateway to experiencing the rich cultural tapestry of Washington, D.C. Through its engaging characters, relatable storylines, and outstanding performances, the pilot aims to captivate audiences worldwide. It not only embodies D.C.’s creative spirit, but also celebrates the city’s diverse perspectives, humor, and fellowship.

As the world tunes in to witness the laughter and local talent of “Union,” one thing becomes clear: Washington, D.C. is carving out a prominent space in the entertainment industry, and “Union” aims to be at the forefront of this creative movement.

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