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Drew Lines: Triumph Over Trials and a Spotlight at Brat Fest 2023

Drew Lines: Triumph Over Trials and a Spotlight at Brat Fest 2023
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Hailing from the United States’ heartland, hip-hop artist Drew Lines has carved out an impressive career marked by resilience, determination, and unyielding passion. His journey, punctuated by personal trials and professional triumphs, is a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. This year, his talents will be on full display at Brat Fest 2023, one of the Midwest’s most anticipated music festivals.

Raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Drew has battled numerous challenges, including a debilitating ear condition resulting from a car accident. This condition, known as ‘semicircular canal dehiscence,’ took a significant toll on his health, causing migraines, vertigo, and impacting his ability to fully engage with his family and music. Nevertheless, Drew remained determined, taking these challenges in stride and never allowing them to hinder his musical journey.

In 2020, Drew signed with Stryker Records, a partnership that led to fruitful collaborations with the Universal Music Group in Nashville. His work with multi-platinum producer Malcolm Springer at The House of Blues Studio bore two singles, “Rise” and “Love is War.” Both saw considerable success, with “Rise” hitting #18 on the NACC (US and Canada) chart and topping the M3 Radio chart in Brooklyn, NY in the hip-hop category. Meanwhile, “Love is War” reached #9 on the M3Radio Hip Hop Chart just three weeks after its release.

Despite undergoing surgery in December 2021, Drew managed to maintain his momentum. In March 2022, his remix of Saving Abel’s “15 Minutes of Fame,” a collaboration with industry veterans Scotty Austin and Jason Null, charted at #25 on the NACC Top 30. It also garnered four #1 regional rankings and topped three charts on M3Radio in Brooklyn, besting even Snoop Dog’s “Algorithm.”

Drew’s resiliency was further showcased in his month-long “The Borrowed Time Tour” in April 2022. Despite his health issues, he headlined the tour, making stops in Wisconsin, Chicago, Kansas City, and other Midwest markets. His relentless spirit and dedication to his fans were evident, serving as inspiration for his upcoming single “Bangarang,” which dives into his journey from juvenile prison to musical sensation.

The new year 2023 started on a high note for Drew, with the release of “Bangarang” through Stryker Records. This track, produced by Chuck Alkazian, promises to provide listeners with a deeper insight into Drew’s life and struggles, and his unfaltering perseverance despite them.

Coming up, fans can look forward to seeing Drew Lines in the lineup at Brat Fest 2023, a performance that will undoubtedly encapsulate his journey of resilience and triumph over adversity. As he continues to rise, Drew’s story serves as a beacon of strength and hope, demonstrating that no matter the challenges, one’s passion can lead to remarkable achievements.

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