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Anastasiia Dymchenko: The Aspiring 24-Year-Old Artist Taking the World by Storm

There is only one simple way to put it: Anastasiia Dymchenko is conquering the world, one talent at a time. 

Whether it be acting, modeling, singing or running perfume lines, this titan of industry stops at nothing to leave her mark on the world: and the mark she’s leaving is brighter and bolder than ever.

Googling her name brings up all different aspects of Dymchenko’s career and most notably, arguably, is her social media presence. With an Instagram and Tik Tok that surpass thousands of followers, she wows her fans with the grace, style and finesse of a world-class star.

She even released her latest project— a song and video called “Dance and Smile”— on Youtube this past month, dipping her feet into the production and music space. 

From growing up watching big name celebrities cross red carpets on her TV screen, Anastasiia now is on the opposite end, walking the red carpet herself.

How it All Began 

When Dymchenko was 14 , she saw an advertisement for a modeling agency and with grit and gusto, applied. By 18, she had her first contract based in China, set for 6 months, that soon propelled her to modeling within Europe. Her chosen base was Milan, feeling it was the fashion capital of the world. There, she spent years developing her career as a model and actress. 

So much was happening all at once. Her career took her to walking the red carpet at various occasions, stunning photographers and onlookers with her poise and million-dollar smile. 

She first walked in Venice Biennale in September 2021, then made her way to the red carpet in the Cannes Film Festival in 2022 for the premier of “Decision to Leave” and her third appearance was at the Venice Film Festival in 2022, in collaboration with bridal brand ‘Dovita’ and jewelry brand ‘Spadafora Gioielli’ on the premiere of the ‘Love life’ by Koji Fukada.

These appearances were matched only by her work in film, TV and fashion where Dymchenko worked on music video clips, advertisements and campaigns. She interviewed for several international TV channels in different countries like Spain, Russia, Italy, and Hong Kong. Her gorgeous outfits and stunning poses were featured in magazines across the globe including Italy’s ‘Eva Stelle’, Russia’s ‘Radius’ and Spain’s ‘Starview’. 

“As a little girl, whenever I took the stage, I loved the applause and the attention and the bright lights— I knew for a long time that I was meant for the spotlight,” Anastasiia recalled, passionately. “Nothing fuels me more than working on a meaningful project where I can collaborate with other creatives and bring art like fashion and music to life.”

Anastasiia Dymchenko: The Aspiring 24-Year-Old Artist Taking the World by Storm

Empowering Her Fans 

Dymchenko wants nothing more than to serve as inspiration that dreams really do come true. Only in her twenties, she has built for herself a career she’s always dreamed of and she wants her followers to do the same. 

Every path she wanted to take, she took it with a stubborn and passionate approach, whether it be flying to China to model without knowing much of English or Chinese, or launching her very own perfume brand that houses Sensual Anastasiia, Charming Anastasiia for Man, Dolce Anastasiia for Women and unisex perfumes. Each bottle is produced in Milan, in-house, and she chooses all the scents herself.

“You must never be afraid to go after what you want,” she said, encouragingly. “Always believe in yourself and never underestimate your own potential, even when you may feel you are out of place.”

Dymchenko had to constantly rely on her confidence and her family’s support, especially when working in an industry as tough as beauty and fashion. 

The model and actress has since participated in many beauty contests, including Miss Moscow, Miss Supertalent of the World and World Top Model of Italy, walking among the renowned celebrities Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid, and Weeknd. 

Always energetic and full of vitality, Dymchenko modeled famous brands like Max Mara, Caledonia, Dixie, Calvin Kelin and Hugo Boss. In 2022, she was chosen as the brand ambassador for APM Monaco, MyGolf dubai, Dovita and the CNT platform. 

“I have learned from all these experiences that if you want your dreams come true, the most important thing is to actually believe in them,” she said, smiling.

What’s Next?

Now residing in London to jumpstart her acting career even further, Anastasiia is excited for what the future holds. She hopes to turn her TV appearances, music video recordings and her modeling career into a foundation to become an actress on the big screen. 

Her photoshoots continue to draw thousands of eyes, featuring her wide range of talent for the camera. Whether it be swimwear, dresses, bold colors or black and white shots, this model never ceases to impress. With her newest music video out and TV clips amassing in their potential, Dymchenko is ready for the next chapter that has her applying acting and drama skills to her potent love for the camera. 

But Anastasiia’s biggest aspiration is to continue being a source of support for her fans. Her website features blog posts about fashion and her social channels share her ideas, interests and travel experiences in the world of fashion and modeling. 

“I think of my fans as my friends and family,” she shared. “They are the reason I get to do what I do. I thank them each and every day and hope they continue along with me on this incredible journey.”

If you would like to check out more of Dymchenko’s work, please visit her site at https://anastasiadymchenko.com/ or follow her at https://www.instagram.com/anastasiad.official/?hl=en 

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