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Rumors grow stronger of Sacha Baron Cohen taking on the mantle of Mephisto for the MCU

With Ironheart coming soon, rumors have circulated that Sacha Baron Cohen will appear in the MCU as the long-awaited villain, Mephisto.


The rumors started to gain momentum when Deadline reported that the British actor would be part of the production, saying:

“A source close to the production confirmed to Deadline that there has been talk on the set about Cohen being part of Ironheart, likely playing Mephisto.”


The villain first made his debut in 1968, appearing on Silver Surfer #3.

Since then, he has become a staple for supernatural titles, including Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, and Scarlet Witch.

Mephisto contributed to the creation of Tommy and Billy, the Scarlet Witch’s children, in the comics.

He made his debut on the big screen in 2007’s Ghost Rider, played by the late Peter Fonda.

In the sequel, Ciaran Hinds would take over as Mephisto.

And while he has made two major appearances, the supernatural villain is yet to appear in the MCU.


Should Mephisto make his MCU debut, it would be strange to see a supernatural entity appear in a technology-based title like Ironheart.

The MCU project stars Dominique Thorne as the genius inventor Riri Williams.

In the comics, Williams is the creator of an advanced armor akin to Iron Man.

Ironheart will also feature names like Anthony Ramos, Manny Montana, Alden Ehrenreich, Regan Aliyah, Shea Coulee, and Zoe Terakes.

Further appearances

If the rumors bear fruit, Mephisto’s Ironheart appearance will only mark the beginning.

After that, he is expected to appear in other projects.

The most highly-touted title that will likely see Mephisto is the WandaVision spin-off, Agatha: Coven of Chaos.

Throughout WandaVision, Mephisto’s presence was a red herring as the show relentlessly teased his involvement.

Sacha Baron Cohen

The rumors of Sacha Baron Cohen first circulated on social media days ago.

Several notable comic book movie accounts discussed the possibility of the British actor taking on the role of Mephisto.

He is best known for his portrayal of Borat, a fictional Kazakhstan journalist.

Sacha Baron Cohen played the character in Borat and Borat 2.

The actor’s recent projects include The Trial of the Chicago 7, and he is set to appear in the Apple+ series, Disclaimer.


Ironheart: Sacha Baron Cohen could play long-awaited Marvel villain Mephisto