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Instagram Makes U-turn on Revitalization

Instagram claims it is ceasing the introduction of new features to its app due to online criticism from users, influencers, and famous people. One of the new features includes a spike in suggested video material similar to rival app, TikTok.

People reported that their newsfeeds and display showed fewer photos from friends and family.
The parent company of Instagram, Meta, said it would “take time” to implement the changes appropriately.

It is believed that Instagram’s revamp toward more video content was motivated by the growing popularity of rival TikTok, where users post and watch more videos instead of still photographs.

According to data from Sensor Tower, the TikTok app has already been downloaded more than three billion times worldwide, making it the first program outside of Meta’s control to reach this milestone.

Doubling down

According to CEO Adam Mosseri in a conversation with The Verge, the beta version of the redesigned app will gradually be taken away over the coming weeks.

In a previous video explaining the switch to video, Mr. Mosseri claimed that full-screen movies will take precedence over still photographs.

However, he regularly tweeted that he wanted to “continue supporting photos” in response to criticism.

In Mr. Mosseri’s video, US model Chrissy Teigen made a comment where she said that users “don’t want to produce videos” and that engagement with photos has fallen.

Reality TV stars Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner also shared a link to an online petition on their Instagram stories.

Toni Tones, a writer and content creator, voiced her discontent with the changes in a blog post, claiming that Instagram was much better when she received content from the persons she wanted to follow.

According to a spokesperson for Meta, “We’re stopping the full-screen test on Instagram so that we may explore additional options based on our findings and community feedback.” Additionally, to enhance your experience’s caliber, we’re temporarily decreasing the number of suggestions you see in your feed.

Kim Kardashian has criticized Instagram

Television stars Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner has joined Instagram content creators to denounce the platform’s new appearance. Ms. Jenner and Ms. Kardashian pleaded with Meta to “make Instagram Instagram again” in Instagram Stories posts.

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Instagram shifted its focus from single posts to Reels, a collection of quick videos. However, other users advise Instagram to “stop trying to be TikTok.”

CEO Adam Mosseri acknowledged in a presentation on Tuesday that there has been “a lot of change all at once” on the website. He reassured users that photos would continue to be available on Instagram since they are “part of our tradition.” He also predicted that Instagram would eventually prioritize videos above photos.

In addition to supporting images for liking, consuming, sharing, and viewing, he added, “Instagram will need to lean into that change” of users using video on the platform.

He promised that other concerns raised by authors, such as a full-screen option, suggestions, and the visibility of friends’ posts, will be addressed.

New focus

The website introduced additional tools for content creators using its Reels feature on July 21. These capabilities enable users to simultaneously record and respond to content using both front and back cameras utilizing a “Dual” capability and “remix” previously published public photo uploads as reels.