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Instagram is the most effective tool for entrepreneurs

Here’s why Instagram is the business platform of the future.

Entrepreneurs frequently have varied perspectives on social media networks due to disparities in their business strategies. Traditionalists could be risk-averse and wonder whether investing time and money in creating a presence on newer platforms like Instagram is beneficial.

For instance, when I spoke with one of my business-owning friends, she emphasized how important Instagram was to her company because of her huge following and the status that comes with it. She is not alone in this: Up to 70% of my client’s sales have been generated through Instagram.

How, then, can you advertise your business on Instagram? Thanks to Instagram, business owners can take advantage of three different opportunities.

Instagram gives potential customers a peek into your personal life

Instagram is an image-based social media platform, so what you put on your page will affect how your consumers and business partners perceive you. Therefore, this is a great chance to emphasize the most significant issues to you, personally and professionally.

According to research, customers value a company’s narrative just as much as its goods or services. For example, there are currently two highly successful movies about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ life and career. Likewise, several shows and movies have been made on the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the beginnings of McDonald’s, Uber, and other companies. Likewise, customers like to know the origin stories of the brands they support.

However, this recognition could have both positive and negative effects. First, it’s important to use tact when communicating on Instagram since businesses often try to be too relatable. If you want to engage your audience on Instagram, I suggest emphasizing transparency, your products, and honesty.

Widen your network of business contacts

Instagram is a helpful tool for networking with other business owners. Businesses used to rely on chance meetings with influential people to network; remember business cards?

Nowadays, social media platforms like Instagram and others let you carry almost everyone’s business card in your pocket. If they have an account, you must visit their profile and send them a short note inviting them to lunch or coffee. Frequently, established companies are eager to offer advice to a newbie (and get a free meal). It’s impossible to know where a straightforward message might end up.

Location-based posts that let your followers know when you’re around could also be helpful. For instance, a short geotagged post from a significant relationship in your city can present a chance to communicate with them.

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Instagram boosts your revenue

A business owner’s top priority may be ensuring their company generates the sales necessary to survive. Millions of people use Instagram to research purchases and see how goods are used “in the wild,” so it has much potential in this area.

The up to 1,000% increase in lead volume for our clients is not coincidental. Customers want to know that the person behind the product is willing to give it their seal of approval, even in the B2B industry when selling a product or service. Because of this, Amazon and other online merchants take care to present a positive image to customers. If you can tell that the merchants firmly believe in their products, you’ll likely do the same.

There is one thing that every business owner should be aware of when selling on Instagram. 2019 saw the launch of Instagram Checkout, which enables users to make purchases directly from the app. Given Instagram’s larger-than-average user base and higher-than-average engagement rate, this is a feature you cannot afford to ignore.

You won’t need to open a new browser tab or leave the items you want to purchase because Instagram Checkout has no links. As a result, the user interface is pleasurable, as is the case with practically anything on Instagram, and the purchasing process is straightforward and uncomplicated.

When using social media for your small or medium business, particularly in B2C segments, the facts are clear: Instagram is vital for establishing deep connections and expanding your business in various ways.

These two goals are intrinsically linked to one another. Customers want to interact personally with you as the face of your brand because it makes it easier for them to see your product or service in their own life and demonstrates to them that the person running the business genuinely believes in what they’re doing.

Using Instagram to welcome customers into your world creates a wealth of opportunities for deep connections and your company’s long-term growth. However, don’t forget to give content generating extra consideration when developing your Instagram strategy; don’t only concentrate on sponsored advertisements.

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