The Journey to Beauty: Lana Utnasunova & Maison Beauty Boutique

Creating a trendy beauty salon in the hustle and bustle of Brooklyn, New York, isn’t something that happens overnight. For Lana Utnasunova, the journey to working with beauty and eventually owning a salon starts much farther away in the Republic of Kalmykia, where she’s originally from. Lana worked hard to create the popular beauty salon — Maison Beauty Boutique. And now, Maison Beauty is thriving and doing better than ever. Let’s dive deeper and learn how Lana made this happen and created such a salon. 

Working Hard and Leaving Home

Lana’s story begins back in the Republic of Kalmykia, where she graduated high school. Once out of high school, Lana headed to St. Petersburg, where she became a student and worked hard as a waitress on the side. She studied finance there and eventually returned home once she graduated. Upon returning, she began working as an administrator and then moved to the head of the concert department in her company. She loves a challenge and always tries to test herself in new ways with her work. 

Coming to the U.S.A. 

In 2016, Lana came to the U.S.A. to visit her sister, but after some time, she began to feel like her entrepreneurial dreams could come true here. Even though her English wasn’t perfect, she was ready to work hard and make her dreams happen. Everything felt right here. 

Her sister helped her get started and found her a job at a hotel. Lana worked hard, focused on her ambitions, and began improving her English. During this time, she realized her dream — to have her own beauty salon. This dream always stayed with Lana. Even though she knew it wouldn’t be easy and her journey would be filled with ups and downs, she was ready! 

Overcoming Challenges 

Dealing with a language barrier can be frustrating for anyone. But Lana didn’t let this get her down. She took English courses to no avail and instead began im
proving her English through her job. Many of her colleagues and customers she worked with were Spanish speakers and often mistook Lana as being Spanish herself.

Lana Utnasunova

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Lana’s Eye for Entrepreneurship and Beauty 

While working at the hotel, Lana and her friend decided to open a cleaning service. Lana’s ambitions were always focused on owning her own business and creating financial stability through this. They began applying for work with hotels, but it was difficult and often ended in rejection. So they turned their attention towards cleaning apartments.  

Word-of-mouth spread quickly for them, and they had more work than before. But during this time, Lana’s heart kept returning to the idea of working with beauty products and services. 

Lana Moon Jewelry 

Lana and her friend’s cleaning business ended not long after starting, as both partners weren’t on the same page. But you know what they say; when one door closes, another opens. And for Lana, the door into the beauty world opened. Within a day, she decided to release a jewelry brand selling earrings. The popularity of these earrings took off immediately, but she still wasn’t hitting the desired income she wanted. 

Lana’s Eyelash Brand

Lana was ready to keep going and asked her friend if she’d like to start an eyelash brand. Her friend agreed, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Eyelashes were trending, and people were buying up as many as they could left and right. 

They found Instagram models to promote their eyelashes and developed social media pages. Their eyelash brand was really taking off. Unfortunately, life got in the way. It’s hard to give enough time to a side business like this. Lana and her friend were forced to close their brand as they couldn’t dedicate 110% of their time as they needed. 

Maison Beauty Boutique 

At this point, Lana had had her hand in the beauty world for some time. She’d had experience running her own businesses and had shown the world she knew beauty. She’d met a hair stylist four years ago and had worked in a salon with him. He later opened his own salon with a partner. 

Down the road, Lana’s hair stylist and now salon-owning friend decided he was ready to sell the business. So many people lined up to buy, but he thought of Lana! She couldn’t believe it, but he knew she was the best person for the job. So he asked her, “Lana, why can’t you buy the salon?! It would suit you the best!” 

While still shocked and excited, Lana quickly decided to buy. What a wonderful decision this was! She quickly found her way and focused her efforts on turning her new salon into a one-of-a-kind and giving her customers the best while exceeding expectations. 

How Maison Beauty Boutique is Doing Now

Now Lana’s beauty salon is up and running; they have many trained professionals working there. The staff is constantly learning new techniques to give customers the best. They’ve even begun offering training courses that anyone can join to learn things like:

  • Pro-coloring 
  • Course Botox
  • Keratin Hair Treatments
  • BoostUp (Volume Up
  • Face Sculpting

These are just a handful of the courses they offer. Their course selection is quite extensive. Being able to teach these courses is their latest achievement. The professionals working at Maison Beauty Boutique are ready to share their knowledge with the world through these courses. So, if you’re ready to learn some new beauty techniques, be sure to check out their courses!

Services Available at Maison Beauty Boutique

Lana and Maison Beauty Boutique work around the clock to bring the best results to customers. Everyone works hard to ensure they exceed expectations. Here are some of the services available at the boutique:

Hair Coloring, Hair Styling, Hair Extension, Hair & Scalp Treatment
Makeup: Day/Express Makeup, Evening Makeup, Wedding Makeup
Permanent Makeup
Eyelash Extensions
Eyebrow Shaping

They also offer different beauty products you can purchase and use yourself. The salon makes booking appointments a breeze by using their website and booking online. 


Lana’s journey to owning her own beauty salon is definitely inspiring. But there’s a lesson anyone can learn from it, and that’s that through hard work and perseverance, you can make your dreams come true. So check out Lana’s amazing beauty salon today. Maison Beauty Boutique is located in Brooklyn, New York. You can learn more and book an appointment online through their website. Lana and her team are waiting for you!