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Equatorial Guinea: President Teodoro re-elected

Image Source: CBS News

President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea has extended his reign for another term in office. He is the longest-serving president in the world.

Officials said that Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, 80 years old, got almost 95% of the vote six days after the election.

Vice President and President’s son Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue said, “The results prove us right again.” Still, we are having a lot of fun.

People from the other side ran for office, but no one thought they’d win.

Central Africa’s oil-rich country is firmly in the hands of President Obiang, whose family members work in important government positions.

In 1979, when the army took over, he was put in charge. Since then, many people have tried to get rid of him.

His uncle, Francisco Macias Nguema, was President before he was. He changed some things when he took over, but Nguema was still in charge.

People can’t criticize the government as there is no free press. In addition, the government or its allies own all broadcast media.

People think President Obiang, who has said in the past that he didn’t break human rights laws or rig elections, wants to use his sixth term to improve his reputation worldwide.

In September, the government suspended the death penalty, something the United Nations praised.

Some people say that Equatorial Guinea’s elections have been rigged in the past.

Using poverty as a weapon

President Obiang has been in charge since 1979, when he assumed power via a military coup. Francisco Macias Nguema, his uncle, ran the country before him. When he took over, he made a few changes, but Nguema was still in charge.

In the end, Nguema died. While he was in charge, thousands of people died, and many people left Equatorial Guinea.

Professor Sá said President Obiang has stayed in power because he understands “the rules of the political game.” Sá said the country’s bad condition is another “political weapon” he uses.

She also said, “Obiang will never lose power because of the election laws.”

Some people say that the last elections in the country weren’t fair. Officials say President Obiang got more than 97% of the votes in the presidential election in December 2002. Candidates for the other parties quit, saying there had been fraud and other problems.

The same people were chosen in both 2009 and 2016.

People have also said that the government is corrupt because Teodorin Obiang, the President’s son, was fined in France for using public money to live in style. Since then, the French government has bought Mr. Obiang’s land.

The UK put the vice president on a “black list to stop corruption.”

Obiang says he hasn’t done anything wrong. Some people have also said that President Obiang is not honest. He has always denied this.

On Sunday, more than 300,000 groups of people signed up to vote.

What you must know Equatorial Guinea

In 1968, Spanish Guinea became the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and it elected Francisco Macias Nguema as President.

Rights groups say that Francisco Macias Nguema and Teodoro Obiang Nguema, the country’s two presidents, are the worst people in Africa at breaking people’s rights.

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The Spanish, French nd Portuguese speaking country discovered oil in 1996. But most of the country’s 1.4 million people are still poor, so it hasn’t helped much.

Jaguar Land Rover to stop production in the UK

Image Source: Bloomberg

Jaguar Land Rover suspends production at its Solihull and Halewood factories until spring as a result of scarcity of computer chips for new cars.

Because of what happened, the company will make fewer Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rover Discovery Sport cars.

The Guardian was the first to say that the move was just for a short time.

Jaguar Land Rover will put more effort into making money-making cars like the Range Rover. They have made these cars in the last few months.

There are no problems at the Land Rover factory in Nitra, Slovakia.

Computer chips run many systems in modern cars, like anti-lock brakes, satellite navigation, and entertainment systems.

But because of the COVID pandemic, supplies from East Asia have been very messed up, and carmakers have had to fight hard with other industries for the supplies that are still available.

In a statement, JLR said that as long as there were problems in the global semiconductor supply chain, it would “continue to manage the operational patterns of our manufacturing plants actively.”

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders says that even though UK car production went up in October, it is still far below what it was before the pandemic (SMMT).

It made 69,524 cars in October, which is 7.4% more than the same time last year. But the SMMT said that manufacturers are still having “turbulent” trouble getting parts.

After 20 fires, Ford recalls more than 500,000 SUVs.

Ford is calling back another 520,000 Escape and Bronco Sport compact SUVs in the United States. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration say that cracks in a car’s fuel cell could start a fire.

Because of the problem, the company will have to call back 634,000 SUVs worldwide.

In particular, the fuel injector in some Escapes from model years 2021 to 2023 with a Bronco Sports turbocharged engine can break. This could let fuel or fuel vapor leak onto hot parts of the car and start a fire.

Ford says that people should keep driving their cars. The company thinks that only a few cars will have the problem. The company said it knows of 20 fires is linked to this new problem.

SUV hoods could catch fire

They recalled these identical SUVs for the same reason—they could catch fire. It announced the recall in March because there was a chance that oil could leak into parts of the car where it could start a fire.

The company says it has called back the affected cars and fixed most of the problems with cars. But that doesn’t mean they are safe from the problem in this latest recall.

Under the new recall, Ford dealers will install a software update to look for a cracked injector. If there is a crack in an injector, a warning light will show up on the dashboard, and the engine will stop running. Ford said this would help the driver find a safe place to pull over, stop, and call for help.

Ford dealers will also install a tube that will drain any fuel that leaks out of the car onto the ground and away from the hot parts of the car. But the work that needs to be done won’t cost anything to the SUV owners.

Ford said that it wants dealers to pick up and drop off cars for free to fix them. People who own cars can also take them to dealerships.

Many parts of the Ford Escape and the Ford Bronco Sport are the same. But it has nothing to do with the bigger Ford Bronco, an SUV that looks more like a truck than the Jeep Wrangler.

Donald Trump is yet to return to Twitter

Image Source: Bloomberg

After the suspension of the Twitter account of Donald Trump was lifted by Musk, it is surprising that he has yet to return on the platform. You might have thought that the former president would jump at the chance to come back. But so far, he hasn’t taken him up on that offer.


Well, Donald Trump is the only one who knows for sure the answer to that question.

But we know that tweeting could cost him a lot of money.

After Twitter banned Donald Trump, he founded Truth Social, a social media site that looks much like Twitter.

To understand Donald Trump’s financial situation, you need to know how Truth Social is set up as a business.

Last year, the private company that owns Truth Social, Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), said that it wanted to merge with Digital World Acquisition Corp, a shell company that trades on the stock exchange (DWAC).

A Special Purpose Acquisition Company, or DWAC, is what people call it (Spac). Spacs are used to speed up the process of going public, which can take a long time. It means combining a company that isn’t listed on a stock exchange with one that is.

TMTG and DWAC have agreed to join forces, but they are yet to finalize the deal.. But investors still put a lot of money into DWAC. They all bet that the deal will go through. The shell company is worth more than $800 million (£665 million).

A Spacs expert, Michael Ohlrogge, says that Mr. Trump’s newly merged company would be worth at least $3–4 billion, even though DWAC would only buy about a quarter of TMTG.

If everything works out, this will be one of the most successful business deals Donald Trump has ever made.

But the only way to keep the stock price high is to ensure that the former president stays on Truth Social.

Truth Social depends the presence of Donald Trump

Without Trump, it’s hard to see what Truth Social has going for it. He made the company for social media. Why should even his fans use the platform if he is posting elsewhere?

Truth Social already needs help getting people to use it. Similar Web, an analytics company, says that 8 million people went to the platform’s site in September 2022, down from 11.5 million in July. That’s not much for a social media company.

Similar Web thinks nine billion people went to Twitter’s site in September.

If Donald Trump stopped posting or did it elsewhere, he might tank the share price of DWAC, making it worth hundreds of millions of dollars less.

Donald Trump’s exclusive deal with Truth Social was so crucial to the planned merger with DWAC that they wrote it in the agreement.

If Donald Trump’s Tweets scares off investors, he could lose a lot of money and get sued.

It means that Trump is in a tough spot. He may want to recheck Twitter. But from a financial and legal point of view, he has a reason not to.

Other business issues

However, other things are going on that could cause him to tweet again.

First of all, the share price of DWAC has been acting very strangely lately.

People have been buying DWA shares to invest in the former president himself, not just because it is a place where people can invest in Truth Social.

Klausner says that many people who have put money into DWAC are supporters of Mr. Trump.

It means that the price of DWAC shares goes up when Donald Trump’s luck gets better and down when it gets worse.

It went up on Monday, November 7, afterhe declared his intentions to run for office in 2024. But when he finally told everyone nine days later in a speech called “low energy,” the stock price went down.

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The idea here is that, even though DWAC is merging with Truth Social, this lets Donald Trump put himself, or his brand, on the stock market. But, of course, if that’s the case, it would be fine if Mr. Trump stopped using Truth Social since the company is just a stand-in for him.

iPhone factory in Zhengzhou hit by protests

Image Source: Bloomberg

Videos circulating on the internet showed that there have been massive protests at the biggest iPhone factory in the world, in  the city of Zhengzhou.

On videos, hundreds of workers marched, as people in hazmat suits and riot police accosted them.

People who watched the protests on live streams said that police beat workers. Videos showed fights as well.

Foxconn, a company that makes things, said it would work with its staff and the local government to stop more violence.

In its statement, the company said that some workers were worried about getting paid but would pay workers according to contracts.

Rumors that recruits were being asked to share dorms with workers who had Covid were also said to be completely false.

Foxconn said that local officials cleaned and checked the dorms before new people moved in.

Last month, the site was locked down because there were more and more Covid cases. This caused some workers to leave and go home. The company then hired more people by promising them big bonuses.

He said there was many police at the plant on Wednesday morning. Other live-streamed videos also showed lots of armed police at the scene.

Foxconn, based in Taiwan, is Apple’s biggest subcontractor, and its plant in Zhengzhou puts together more iPhones than anywhere else in the world.

Late in October, many workers left the plant because there were more Covid cases and claims that workers were not treated well.

Because of an outbreak of COVID, the company put in place a “closed loop operations” at the plant, which keeps it from the rest of Zhengzhou.

Earlier this month, Apple thought it would send out fewer iPhone 14 models because of the problems with production in Zhengzhou.

Foxconn apologizes for protests

Foxconn, a company that makes iPhones for Apple, has apologized for a “technical error” in its payment systems. This happened a day after angry protests broke out at its iPhone factory in China.

Hundreds of workers at the biggest iPhone factory in the world, in the city of Zhengzhou, marched and complained about COVID restrictions and late pay.

People who streamed the protests live said that police beat workers.

While speaking to BBC, a worker at Foxconn they company has fixed the problem.

Last month, the factory recorded more COVID cases, so locked it down. Some workers had to leave and go home because of this. The company then hired more people by promising them big bonuses.

But one worker said they factory changed these contracts.

Foxconn said in a statement on Thursday that a technical problem happened during the onboarding process. But it also said that the recruit pay was the same as in the official recruitment posters.

The company said it was in constant contact with the affected employees about pay and bonuses and was doing its best to address their concerns and reasonable requests.

About the iPhone factory in Zhengzhou

More than 200,000 people work at the Zhengzhou plant. They make Apple products, like the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Also, on Thursday, officials locked down the city and told people they couldn’t leave unless they passed a Covid test. This affected more than six million people in the city.

It happened when China had the most cases of COVID in one day since the pandemic began. The wave of outbreaks hit major cities like Beijing and Guangzhou.

As China’s economic growth slows, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has asked it to change its zero-COVID strategy.

The world’s second-largest economy’s gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 2.6% from the previous quarter to the end of June.

Manchester United: Potential buyers emerge

Image Source: Bloomberg

Manchester United, one of the biggest football brands in the world has possibly been put up for sale, as the owners are deciding their next steps.

In 2005, the Glazer family paid £790m to buy the club. However, they say they are thinking about how to run the business differently.

People think they could sell it for between £4 billion and £4.5 billion, but some say they could get even more.

Fans have been protesting against the American family’s ownership for years, so they are happy about this change.

Possible Manchester United buyers

Sir Jim Ratcliffe

Sir Jim Ratcliffe is one of the richest people in the UK, and when people talk about a possible takeover of Manchester United.

He first said he wanted to buy the club in August.

Sir Jim likes the Red Devils, which will be good for fans who don’t like the current owners because they don’t seem to put much money into the club’s facilities and team.

He got rich by buying parts of businesses other people didn’t want and making them work again. Sir Jim built the business Ineos on land that the oil company BP used to own. Almost everything we touch every day has some of its chemicals or basic materials in it.

According to the Sunday Times Rich List, he has the 27th most money in the UK. He is worth a total of £6bn. Forbes says, though, that it is just under £11 billion.

Kieran Maguire is a writer and an expert on the business side of the football. He says that the fan choice would be the businessman from Lancashire.

But Sir Jim hasn’t said anything since the Glazers’ announcement on Tuesday, and Mr. Maguire says it’s “less likely” that the founder of Ineos will pay too much for the club.

Jim O’Neill and Red Knights

Lord O’Neill led the “Red Knights,” a group of investors who tried to buy back the club in 2010.

Like Sir Jim Ratcliffe is a United fan, Lord O’Neill told the BBC that whoever buys the club needs to aknow what they are getting into. And know why and how they want to do what they want.

For instance, when asked on BBC’s Today if he needed to raise £4bn to buy the club, Lord O’Neill didn’t say he wouldn’t make a bid if he didn’t have to.

Lord O’Neill ran the investment bank Goldman Sachs from 1995 to 2013. He was the head economist most of the time.

Private equity investors in the US People have talked a lot about the game and what the future might hold because US owners and companies are buying shares in Premier League clubs.

Research by the consulting firm Deloitte shows that more than two-thirds of investments in Europe’s biggest leagues have come from the US over the past five years, and private equity interest is growing.

Mr. Gans says that companies think they know how to help these clubs grow by using digital marketing. And if not, to a level they aren’t at now.

However, it is possible that Old Trafford doesn’t want any more money from the US. Gary Neville, who used to play for the club and now works as a commentator, said that a part sale to the US investment fund Apollo would not be a good thing.

Buyers of Middle Eastern origin

A few investors have bought European clubs that get a lot of attention with ties to sovereign nations.

The Abu Dhabi United Group owns one of Manchester United’s rivals, Manchester City. Similarly, Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund led a group that just bought Newcastle United.

Qatar Sports Investments own Paris Saint-Germain, and other Gulf countries might want to buy Manchester United.

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An expert on football finances, Mr. Maguire, told the BBC that countries in the area have “access to funds that could be used” to pay the Glazers’ high price.

Above all, as has been widely reported, these kinds of deals can put supporters in challenging moral and ethical situations.

Higher taxes: IFS says could become normalized

Image Source: Yorkshire Evening Post

The UK has moved into a “new era” of higher taxes, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS).

Its director, Paul Johnson, said that people with middle incomes were “in for a shock” because taxes were going up and prices were going up even faster.

The chancellor said in his Autumn Statement that higher taxes would help fix the government’s finances and make it easier for people to pay their energy bills.

In its plans analysis, the IFS said that the most challenging decisions about cutting spending would have to be made after 2024.

Friday, Jeremy Hunt, the Chancellor, said, “Tough times are ahead.” But he said his plans gave people “certainty” about how the government would help them through the recession.

But Mr. Johnson of the IFS said that living standards were about to take their “biggest drop in living memory.” Because economic growth has been slow, and the government has borrowed a lot in the past.

Thursday, the independent OBR said that the UK was in a recession and the economy would shrink next year.

Mr. Johnson said that the economy was “grim” and that taxes would not return to where they were before the pandemic.

Plans announced on Thursday would raise taxes by about £25 billion.

What higher taxes mean

Mr. Johnson said middle-income people would be hurt the most because the government couldn’t help them.

According to the analysis by the think tank, home energy bills will be £900 more per year than they are now. This is because the energy price cap is going up in April, and there is no £400 rebate this year.

Daniel Cooke, who has three kids, told the BBC that he wouldn’t get any more help. But he already has a second job delivering takeout in the evenings because he needs the money.

The chancellor said in the Autumn Statement that tax thresholds would stay the same for another two years until 2028. This means that the point at which you start paying taxes stays the same and doesn’t go up with inflation. People will pay a more significant share of their income in taxes as their wages go up.

In April, taxes will go up, but almost all spending cuts will only happen after the next general election, which will likely be in 2024. Some parts of the Conservative Party were not happy about this.

Former business secretary Jacob Rees-Mogg asked the chancellor to look into more ways to cut government spending before raising taxes.

Chancellor Hunts defends his plan

He also said that the announcements were not a “raid on working people” and that £25 billion couldn’t be raised by “focusing on a small group of rich people.”

In addition to raising taxes on people with average incomes. He said he plans to “look after the most vulnerable” by giving pensioners, people on means-tested benefits. And people with disabilities more money to help them pay their rising bills.

The IMF also liked how the Autumn Statement balanced the need to lower prices to keep the economy growing. And protect the incomes of people when the economy is terrible.

The IFS study also found that by 2028, average households will be 30% worse off than they are now. More than they would have been if incomes had kept going up as they did before the financial crisis of 2008.

The Resolution Foundation, a think tank that works to help people with less money, agreed with its findings.

The Resolution Foundation said the plans for the economy would pressurize the “squeezed middle.” As a result, the middle class will lose 3.7% of their income forever.

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It also said that it didn’t think the budget cuts proposed on Thursday would be possible. They would have to keep public sector wages lower than private sector wages for a long time.

Manchester United: Owners to consider selling club

Image Source: Euro Sport

The Glazer family, owners of Manchester United, says they are considering selling the team while looking into other options.

In 2005, the Americans paid the club £790m ($1.34bn).

The club said the board would look at all possible strategies. For example, this could be a new investment in the club, a sale, or something else that the company does.

The Glazers sold 10% of their stake in 2012 by putting it on the stock market. In the years that followed, they sold more shares.

Since 1995, the Glazer family have owned the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And Avram Glazer bought a team in the new United Arab Emirates Twenty20 cricket league that will start in 2021.

After their father, Malcolm, had a stroke in April 2006, Joel and Avram took over running United daily. In 2014, Malcolm died at the age of 85.

Raine Group, an American investment firm, is in charge of the business side of things. In May, Raine Group sold Chelsea for £4.25 billion.

United is fifth in the Premier League. The last time they won the league title was in 2013, and they hadn’t won a trophy since 2017 when they won the Europa League and EFL Cup.

Recently, there have been protests against the Glazers’ ownership. In May 2021, the English FA moved United’s home league game against Liverpool because of one of these protests.

Glazers out protests

In August of this season, thousands of fans marched to Old Trafford to protest before the same game.

United was involved in the failed European Super League, which fell apart quickly in April 2021. Joel Glazer, co-chairman of Manchester United, said he was sorry for the trouble.

Since then, he always attended fan forums whenever the fans were upset, and promised to sell shares to the club’s fans.

Transfermarkt says that under the Glazers, Manchester United has spent a net of 1.18 billion euros on transfers. Only Manchester City has spent more in that time.

In a controversial interview last week, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is the captain of Portugal, said bad things about the club’s owners. He also said that on the sports side, the Glazer family “doesn’t care about the club.”

The decision to sell United comes after Liverpool chairman Tom Werner said that Fenway Sports Group was looking into selling.

In August 2022, Bloomberg said the Glazer family was willing to sell a small part of the club.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe, a British billionaire, said he might want to buy United. But in October, he said that the Glazers told him they did not want to sell.

Fans of Manchester United will be glad to see Glazer go

No one has ever questioned the Glazers’ view of Manchester United as an investment.

More or less, everyone is interested in the football side, with co-chairmen Joel and Avram being the most so. But making money is the primary goal, and they have done that.

So, a few things have come together to make the Glazers think that now is an excellent time to test the water about leaving.

First, they scrapped the plan for the European Super League. Even though Barcelona, Juventus, and Real Madrid are sure, the courts will clear it.

Then, Saudi Arabia’s help for Newcastle makes the Premier League and Europe more competitive.

Plus, the club needs to spend a lot of money to fix up Old Trafford and make improvements at its Carrington training ground. So in the short term, it will cost a lot to keep United competitive.

So, the £4.25 billion paid for Chelsea in the summer looks like an excellent deal.

The Glazers are not well-liked as owners since they bought United in 2005.

Most fans will be glad to see them go if they leave. But given how much it’s likely to sell for, their dream of owning it may be challenging.

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And even if Sir Jim Ratcliffe, who has been a fan since he was a child, goes through with his summer plan to try to buy the club. So, the future at Old Trafford may need to be clarified in the short term.

Nicki Aycox, Supernatural alumni, passed away

Image source: CNN

Nicki Aycox is a hidden gem in the entertainment industry, having appeared in several films and series throughout her career.

Aycox is most associated with Eric Kripke’s CW series, Supernatural, which made her a household name among the show’s fans.

However, Nicki Aycox, unfortunately, passed away last week.

The news

On November 17, Susan Raab Ceklosky posted the news on Facebook, announcing that Nicki Aycox had passed away.

“My beautiful, smart, fierce, incredibly talented, and loving sister-in-law, Nicki Aycox Raab, passed away yesterday with my brother,” Ceklosky wrote.

“Nicki and Matt had a wonderful life together in California.”

“She was definitely a fighter and everyone who knew her loved her.”

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Last year, Nicki Aycox learned and shared with fans that she had leukemia.

She shared her diagnosis online and said:

“I want everyone to know I’m doing incredibly well and fighting my way thru [sic] chemo.”

After the diagnosis, Aycox continued sharing updates on her treatment with her fans.

The Supernatural actress exhibited a determined spirit, strength, and a sense of humor.

Aycox often did what she could to keep her fans feeling hopeful.

Leukemia took her too early at the age of 47 last week.

Reaction to the news

Eric Kripke, who helped Aycox gain mainstream success, expressed his sadness on Twitter.

“Gutted to hear the great #NickiAycox, our first#MegMasters, passed away. Too young,” he wrote.

“She was a delight & delivered lines like honey & venom. I marvel at how she made a simple word like ‘lackluster legendary.”

Meanwhile, fellow Supernatural alum actor Jim Beaver also honored Nicki Aycox on Twitter by saying:

“My first Supernatural episode was with Nicki. She was a terrific actress and a delightful colleague. Im [sic] so sad to hear of her death. Sleep well, my friend.”

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Memorable works

Nicki Aycox started her career with a role in an episode of the 1996 Weird Science series.

Since her debut, she has taken on several projects across different genres.

However, her most notable role was in the first season of Supernatural.

She played Meg Masters, a demon who would have a recurring role in its 15-season run.

The character would eventually switch vessels with a different actress playing Meg.

While Aycox appeared in several films and TV genres, she is best known for appearing in horror projects.

Her most well-known works include the following:

  • Jeepers Creepers 2 (2003)
  • Dead Birds (2004)
  • Perfect Stranger (2007)
  • The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008)
  • Joy Ride 2: Dead Ahead (2008)
  • The X-Files, “Rush” (1999)
  • Dark Angel, “…. and Jesus Brought a Casserole (2001)
  • The Twilight Zone, “Sanctuary” (2002)


Nicki Aycox, ‘Supernatural’ actress, has died at age 47

President of Equatorial Guinea vies for re-election

Image Source: Bloomberg

The president of Equatorial Guinea who has been in charge for 43 years is running for another term in office.

The 80-year-old President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo has led a government accused of torturing people and making them disappear.

There are a few candidates from the opposition, but they aren’t likely to win.

Because his family works in key government positions, the president has a firm grip on the oil-rich country.

Teodoro “Teodorin” Nguema Obiang Mangue, his son, is the Vice President of the country. He has lived well in the US and Europe, and authorities in the UK say he has a pricey glove with crystals that Michael Jackson used to have.

People find it hard to disagree with the government when there is no free press, and the government or its allies own all broadcast media.

People think President Obiang is trying to improve his reputation worldwide because he has previously denied rights abuses and rigged elections. In September, the government got rid of the death penalty, which the UN liked.

Poverty as a “political tool”

President Obiang has been in charge of the oil-rich country in West Africa since 1979 when he took power in a military coup. His uncle, Francisco Macias Nguema, was president before him. He made some changes when he took over, but Nguema was still in charge of the country.

Nguema was put to death in the end. Thousands of people died while he was in charge, and many left Equatorial Guinea.

Professor Sá said President Obiang has stayed in power because he knows “the rules of the political game.” Sá said that he also uses the country’s poor state as a “political weapon.”

She also said, “Electoral laws were made to ensure Obiang will never lose power.”

Critics say that the country’s past elections have not been fair. In the election for president in December 2002, officials said President Obiang got more than 97% of the votes. Candidates for the opposition parties dropped out of the race, saying there had been fraud and other problems.

Both the 2009 and 2016 election results were the same.

After France fined his son Teodorin Obiang for using public money to pay for a lavish lifestyle there. French authorities also accused the regime of being corrupt. Since then, Mr. Obiang has lost his property in France.

The UK put the vice president on a list of people to avoid in 2021 as part of its fight against corruption. The vice president is in the best position to take over for his father.

Obiang has said that he didn’t do anything wrong. President Obiang has also been accused of corruption, which he has always denied.

Over 300,000 people have signed up to vote in the election on Sunday.

About Equatorial Guinea

In 1968, Spanish Guinea changed its name to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, and elected Francisco Macias Nguema president.

Rights groups say that Francisco Macias Nguema and Teodoro Obiang Nguema, the two presidents of the country, are the worst people in Africa when it comes to breaking people’s rights.

In 1996, it discovered oil where people spoke Spanish, French, and Portuguese. But this hasn’t helped most of the country’s 1.4 million people, and poverty is still common.

Mariah Carey slapped with lip-sync accusations again

Image source: Mac Rumors

Mariah Carey was one of the performers who performed at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and performed her most famous song at the New York event.

However, people have accused the superstar of lip-syncing for this year’s performance.

The performance

As per the annual American Thanksgiving tradition, inflatables marched over the streets of New York.

The crowd watched and cheered as the floats passed their homes.

The Queen of Christmas was brought to perform earlier than usual for her Thanksgiving number.

Despite the early call, Mariah Carey lived up to her title when she performed “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

The dancers were dressed in ballet costumes and nutcracker uniforms and pranced around the singer standing in the middle.

Mariah Carey wore a red dress under a huge umbrella.

But as usual, her singing was flawless.

However, people online have been questioning the singer’s performance.

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Many on Twitter were questioning if Mariah Carey was legitimately singing or allowing the backing track to do most of the work.

“People gotta [sic] stop having Mariah Carey lip sync,” one person tweeted. “She’s so bad at it.”

“Well, yet another ‘interesting’ performance from @MariahCarey at the Thanksgiving Day parade,” followed another.

“Not quite in sync with the lip sync all the time and was she bolted to the float?”

A third added, saying, “Honestly gotta respect that Mariah just had to stand there and lip sync for the whole country to love her today.”

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Other celebrities

Mariah Carey wasn’t alone in dealing with lip-sync accusations.

Four years ago, Rita Ora faced the same allegations.

In the face of lip-syncing debates on social media, fellow singer John Legend decided to shed some light.

“Fun fact. We all have to lip sync on this parade because the floats don’t have the capacity to handle the sound requirements for a live performance,” Legend tweeted.

“Hope y’all enjoyed it anyway. Know that if you come to my shows, the vocals are 100% live!”

Whether Mariah Carey lip-synced or not, her performance pointed out a trend that had been seen at this time of year for 28 years.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” began to climb the charts upon the conclusion of Halloween.

Billboard claims the 1994 song entered the Hot 100 this year, landing at number 25.


Mariah Carey accused of lip-syncing iconic song at Thanksgiving Day parade